Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So on with the story.
You would not believe how exciting it was when my first book was accepted to be published. I finally didn't fail. I actually did it!
The first thing my other half asked was if the publishing company was legit. Rest assured Siren Publishing is a very legit and respected company. And no, authors don't pay them to publish their books.
So now I had to learn about digital signing of contracts and even worse. Cover questionnaires.
I also learned very quickly that all the hours of putting the story together and making sure everything make sense is the easy part. Writing different lengths of blurbs for promotional purposes suck. Suddenly the characters you have spent hours and hours writing about and know everything about them, you find you don't. How tall are they? Well, really tall. How old are they? Not too old, but not too young. Suddenly you throw up your hands and say he's 32, 7 feet tall and looks like a better looking Arnold.
You end up taking a lot of time and carefully decide exactly what your character looks like physically. If you don't your cover will look a generic anybody with muscles.
Let me tell you, I was so proud of the whole process. I did it.
Then the edits for my first book came.

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