Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday. I hope you all are looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

Just a small post today. When a regular person gets the first round of edits on the first book you have ever wrote. Unless you have a college degree in punctuation and know exactly what the publisher is looking for, the first edits look like a box of colored markers puked all over them.

At first your excited and then completely overwhelmed. But after a good old fashioned panic attacked I sat down and took it step by step and watched as my first book turned into a well rounded, exciting piece of entertainment.

That's what my books are. They aren't meant to be the next great piece of literature. It is a form of entertainment that you sit down and enjoy. For most it won't take you too long to read and hopefully it made you laugh and be drawn into the exciting parts.

I also hope you fall in love with my characters because there are at least five more books to follow.

Well, that got longer than I thought. Happy Friday.

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