Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Good Morning people,
Less than three weeks until my first book comes out with Siren Publishing. Being new to the process, I'm taking this day by day with a huge learning curve.
I thought I would share this experience and bring you along on the journey.
So, let's back up a little. For the last couple of years after managing an office for almost ten years(tragedy happened and that job ended) I have been working in small business offices. Unfortunately it seemed that I was always walking into a mess caused by someone else or there was a reason they went through six people in two years. Any way, after the last time I cleaned things up and they decided to hire two part timers to replace me, I decided to try something that has been nagging at me for along time.
I have always read lots of books. Three to five a week, sometimes more. So, I decided that it was time to try writing the story that was talking in my head.
Okay, that is the very beginning of my journey. Will tell what happened next, next time. Talk to you later.

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