Friday, August 4, 2017

Life is a learning experience. I believe we never stop learning. I am learning the painful truth that I will never be able to easily write a story. I write and think. I wonder around, and yes, play a computer game. I've alway been the type of person who has to think about stuff before I come to a desition.
 As most of you know by my facebook posts and posts here, I wanted to finish Parker's story by last Friday. That would have been a record for me. Writing a book in two weeks. Now, a week later, I still have about one and a quarter scenes to go.
It's still a record. I've been averaging six weeks to write a story. Will the story be finished today? I hope so. I did receive the cover last night from the talented Jess Buffett. I had struggled with a title. I ended up sending some preliminary sketches back to her. I know a character when I see him. And I know when a character isn't right. Yes, I've been known to be difficult. But thank goodness, Jess gets me.
As a happy weekend and for putting up with my whining, here is Parker's from Rescue for Hire West cover.


  1. Bellan.... Animos amo tu escritura y estoy a la espera de leer la historias que tienes por contar.
    Permítenos conocer a tus personajes que siento que son parte de mi familia.

    1. Thank you, Wendy, for the kind words. I will keep writing as long as the characters keep talking to me. So far, they still have something to say. lol