Monday, August 7, 2017

Good Monday Morning,
Last night I sent The Medic Tames His Plumbers to Siren Publishing. I finished writing the story Friday. It took long weekend hours to have the manuscript ready to send in. Last night I dragged myself to bed and decided the thought of going through the last few days again with another story would be nuts. Of course, this morning I'm itching to work on Reece's story. Yes, I must be crazy.
It has been eight months since my father passed away. Today we hope to finally close his estate. Why the court system drags things out, no one knows. There are no objections in this case, we all just want things finished. Let's hope.
Well, off to get a few words written on my next story. The more I can get done before Mr. B's surgery in two weeks, the better.
Have a wonderful day.

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