Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday again.
A review of this week.
We lost one of our own. The great AC Katt passed away in her sleep. I met her briefly at GRL in Kansas City last year. What an elegant lady. She sat at a table surrounded by her books, like the queen she was. She will be missed by many. The good news is that she has one last book in edits and it will be released.
Received final edits for Cameron and Keaton (Operation True One). I'm working on them.
Sent in my short story for ManLove Fanticies Summer edition. That should start in July.
Worked on Silver and Mikey (Operation True One 2) Parker's story (Rescue for Hire West) and Morgan story (Rescue for Hire West)
Took  care of Mr. B on his first week of post-surgery.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Am truly sorry to hear about AC Katt. I enjoyed her books as much as I enjoy yours. So sad to know that I will never get to read another book by her again. She will be truly missed.

    1. Actually Susan, she had a new story in the edit process, and her husband has said it will be released. So there will be one more. And who knows how far she was on a WIP. We could see another.