Friday, May 19, 2017

We had a huge storm move in the other night. We had no electricity for over 15 hours. I can't say as I'm a fan of the experience. A friend of Mr. B's came over. He called his wife and said our neighborhood looked like a war zone. Lots of branches down at our house, but some neighbors lost a lot of trees and one of the vacation cottages had a tree go through the roof.
I am in the hold down the fort mode. Mr. B is on a fishing trip. He will be home tomorrow and our oldest son will arrive tomorrow. They will go fishing every day until the end of next week when Mr. B will go to sons house to fish for a few days. It's fishing season.
I have plotted out the rest of Cam and Keaton's story. I struggled at how to end it, but now have it figured out. It is past time to finish this story.
Have a great weekend.

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