Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I raced to the greenhouse yesterday to pick up the rest of the flowers and veggies I needed for my pots and garden. The weatherman warned that we would be having storms last night, today and into tomorrow. I wanted everything in so the rains could make them take root and grow. I even managed to find a certain apple tree Mr. B and I have been looking for.
Everything looks so nice. I did remember that I forgot the zinnias seeds. My grandmother always had zinnias in her garden so I have them in honor of her. Thank goodness they are easy to throw into the earth.
Today I should go into town and pick up some groceries. We will see. My knee is pretty tender from yesterday's fun.
I'll keep the knee elevated while I work on Cam and Keaton's story. I'm also reading the Rescue for Hire West series. I need to reacquaint myself with the details of these guys to continue the series. I'm finding that I want to read instead of write.
Well, I'd better let the dogs outside before the latest storm hits. The TV is showing its getting close.

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