Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What a nice day. Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. It's kind of cool that the sun is shining and Mr. B had gifts. He did good.
I read a book by Christine Feehan this last week. Many years ago I stalked this author, buying everything she put out. My favorite was the "Dark" series. Then her stories went into a direction that didn't hold my interest. I decided to try her latest story. I had read the reviews and found people either hated it or loved it.
I read the whole book. That is actually a good thing as I haven't been able to get through one of her books for a while. As I read it, I could understand the negative comments. It did have a lot of sex in it, but I wasn't put off by that. I think the problem with the book was that all of a sudden, she was telling us about a fight with vampire hunters. She told us a small summary of it, not showed us the battle. In her defense, the editors could have taken it out. That does happen. But I think if it had been added, the story would have been more well rounded. She did do her job. I want to know what happens to the ancients and will more than likely buy the next book.
Wow, I guess I just wrote my first review. Imagine that. Have a wonderful day.


  1. I used to read Christine Feehan's Dark series also until the stories stop holding my interest. The same thing happened with Lora Leigh's Breed series. Both authors seemed to go off of how they had written their worlds in the early books and I didn't like the changes.

    1. I think in an authors attempt to evolve a series so it doesn't grow stale, sometimes the basic element that drew people to the stories gets left behind.