Friday, March 3, 2017

The edits for Contemplating Life's Surprises is over at Pat's to see if I missed anything. Then on to Siren. Now I can work on Laser's story. I did pull up the fire chief's story last night and added to it. That will be next on the list to finish.
I always appreciate your questions and comments. I find it fascinating how you will discover a character in my stories and decide I need to tell his story. Usually I have the same thoughts and have a beginning already written down.  I have a lot of beginnings of different stories. The problem is I can't turn a story out in a week or two. It takes me longer than that. I'd like to think that is why you like them so much. But the real reason is probably because real life always intrudes.
Have a wonderful Friday. Try to find at least one smile today.

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