Monday, February 13, 2017

There is a lot more to submitting a story to a publisher than just writing a story. Once a person types "The End," it doesn't end there. Now you have to read and edit it a million times. Then a smart author sends it to a beta reader or two. When it comes back, more edits are worked
The submission letter requires certain requirements to be accepted by the publisher. So finally, you press that send button. Now in the back of your mind is the Cover Questionnaire. I used to wait until the story was accepted to fill out the questionnaire. Now I don't. I immediately get my notes together and fill it out. I begin to describe the characters, height, weight, and hair color.
Lastly, I write the blurbs that will be on the back of the book. I need three. One will be 20-25 word long. The other two will be 40-55 and 140-160 words long.
Blurbs are the hardest. An author is asked to reduce a whole story into a few mere words. Sometimes they turn out awesome and sometimes okay. Every time I finish one within the guidelines, I consider it a victory.
Here are the three blurbs for MD's story. Have a wonderful day.

PTSD has sent MD Smith running. Zeke Wentz is determined to catch him, but Dominic Naess still has a hold on him.
PTSD has taken its toll on MD Smith. He’s a doctor who can’t handle working at a busy clinic or hospital. He can’t handle his boyfriend, Dominic’s five kids. Running away helps, until Zeke Wentz shows up on his doorstep. Surprises abound. Will MD figure out true love is the answer before it’s too late?
Ex-mercenary medic, MD Smith struggles with PTSD. He knows working at a clinic or hospital is impossible. Meeting his boyfriend, Dominic’s five kids turned into a disaster. Hope came in the form of a trip to Alaska, until a man from his mercenary days showed up on his doorstep and his life became one surprise after another.
Zeke Wentz knew MD was his, the first time he saw him dressed in black and covered in face paint. Getting together between MD’s missions and his MP duties turned into a futile effort. Now, they are both civilians, and Zeke will stop at nothing to claim what is his. That is, until he sees MD and Dominic Naess in the same room. MD has some decisions to make. He will need to recognize what his heart is telling him, before it’s too late. Whoever is vandalizing MD’s vehicle is about to take it to a new level.


  1. I can't wait for this book to come out. I don't know why I'm so desperate to read it tho. Maybe cuz MD is just that irresistible. Lol