Thursday, February 16, 2017

Most mornings, the first thing I do is log in to Facebook. I answer reader's questions or comments. There are a few authors I enjoy reading what they have to say.
One of these authors commented that she was watching her partner struggle with immense pain and the doctor they saw that day basically told her that her problem was her weight and it was her fault she was hurting.
This had me thinking of things that happened to me with doctors. Years ago, I went to a specialist for "women's trouble" (bleeding uncontrollably for over 30 days) His response was to tell me in the old days they would perform a hysterectomy. Now, because of insurance, we would have to jump through the insurance's suggested hoops before they could do a hysterectomy. A year and a half of misery later, Mr. B finally confronted the doctor. Two weeks later I was on the operating table.
I too have weight problems. They started after the birth of my third child. Do I like being heavy? No. Have I done something about it? Many times. Always the weight crept up again.
After injuring my knee two years ago and an operation that didn't work. I went in search of a doctor to help me. One told me I need a knee replacement, but he wouldn't give me one. One told me to lose weight and come back when I was crawling. I was humiliated. By then I was using a cane and the pain in both knees made me sick to my stomach.
Of course, I didn't exercise, and ate for comfort and gained weight. People who wanted to "help" me send me emails on ways to lose weight. Relatives hound me about it.
Thank goodness I found a doctor who would help me. As you know I had a knee replacement a few months ago. After 9 weeks, I'm more active than I've been in years. I'm discovering muscles I haven't used in years. And I've lost weight.
The response of people around me? Keep going.
How do I feel about that? I want to punch them in the nose. I know who I am. I know what I look like. Just, leave me alone. Let me enjoy taking walks and riding my exercise bike in peace.
One other thing. The doctor doesn't want me to lose too much weight before my next knee replacement next month. It screws with the anesthesia. 
Yes, I've encountered the frustration of doctors that won't or can't help you. It's so easy to say find a new doctor. I live in a very rural area. Our choices of doctors are minimal. I ended up driving an hour to the city to find my knee doctor.
So, this is the end of my contemplations.  That author who was in tears watching her love struggle with agonizing pain? I can only hope they do find someone to help them. It isn't easy and sometimes it sucks big time. I send them well wishes of strength.
Have a wonderful day, and take a moment to be thankful for all the small gifts life gives you every day.


  1. Doctors are a bitch. The first Knee doc I saw walked in all of 30 seconds, said I was to heavy, lose weight and see me in six months and walked out. Self satisfied prig. When I saw him again he good, and put me on a waiting list for surgery. When I had it done he didn't come to see but once and then he told me I wasn't quilified for physical therapy because I was Medicade. Had to do my own. That piece of diseased rectal tissue will never see this face again unless I am dying and not even then if I can help it. I just recently had Gastric Sleeve surgery after working at it hard for 2 years to get it. And it is serving me very well so far.

    1. It sounds as if you've managed to accomplish your goals despite the people who are supposed to help you.