Monday, February 27, 2017

I spent the weekend with my daughter. I received a phone call Friday afternoon (with a big snow storm going outside) telling me she was in the hospital and about to be rolled into the operating room for an appendicitis. Note: she lives 74 miles away.
Things went well and we were able to take her home to her house that night. A few hours later we learned what happens to a person when doctors inject gas into a person's body during an operation. The waves of pain going through her shoulders, neck and down her abdomen sent her to her knees and me running for the good drugs. Yikes!
She is doing well now and plans on trying to go to work today. Of course part of me will be thinking of her the entire time.
Mr. B had a birthday during all this uproar. I managed to make him a homemade carrot cake. That makes him a happy man.
Every few months FB lights up with authors who have had their souls torn to ribbons by bad reviews. One who I know personally even threatened to quit writing.
As an author who has had her work skewered by reviewers, I try to put these reviews into perspective for these hurt filled authors.
 Critics will criticize. They find great satisfaction and joy ripping you to pieces. You will never please everyone. Sometimes there are grains of truth you can use to better your writing. Take them and run. Always try to improve, even if it's just trying not to use the word was through a whole book. (I bet you can't do it)
Note: They are buying your books. Smile all the way to the bank. If they are making enough effort to leave a review, that means you have stirred an emotion from them. It is when your books don't get any reviews, that's when you start to worry.
Keep writing. Enjoy creating your story. Enjoy manipulating the words to say what you want to say.
That is my advice.

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