Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This is the last bit of my ongoing story I'm going to post. The attempt to overcome my writer's block by posting snippets was a success and I've decided to finish it into a book, possibly a series.
Enjoy, and remember it's unedited.

Cam grabbed the newcomer by the throat. Keaton couldn’t take his eyes off the bulging and rippling muscles of Cam’s arm as he lifted and threw the guy over the bar where he crashed into a display of hard liquor bottles. Keaton cringed when glass and liquid exploded in all directions. The man didn’t move, but lay there watching Cam. Which was probably a good thing because Cam wasn’t finished in his display of testosterone filled antics.
An arm slid around Keaton’s waist and lifted him up against Cam’s hard body. Automatically he spread his legs and clamped them around Cam. Keaton’s breath caught. Cam’s over warm body against Keaton’s groin sent sparkles of heat radiating through his lower belly.
Cam turned in a circle and addressed the now quiet room. “Keaton is mine. No one touches him.”
After a way too long, drawn-out silence, where nobody moved and received Cam’s message loud and clear, the music started and everyone went back to partying.
Keaton brushed his fingertips through Cam’s soft hair. “I think you’ve made your point. You can let me down now.”
Cam turned his gaze on Keaton. Peeking through his lashes, Keaton observed that light brown had replaced the deep brown shade of Cam’s eyes. If Keaton was correct about his nature, Cam’s bear was near the surface.
“You are where you belong.” Cam’s nostrils flared and Keaton lowered his gaze.
What had he’d been thinking when he ordered Cam to release him? The truth was, he hadn’t been. If Cam was his true one, he was a bear shifter. According to his great-great grandfather’s notes, bear shifters were grumpy and volatile on a good day. The time after meeting and before claiming their true one, bear shifters were to be handled carefully. Bloodshed happened.
Hands encircled Keaton’s waist and lifted him onto the bar. Cam pressed his big body between Keaton’s thighs. Parts of Keaton reacted, wanting to receive all the man had to give.
“Why haven’t I seen you before?” Cam demanded. “Are you new to the area?”
“I moved here a couple of months ago,” Keaton answered. “This is the first time I’ve been in this bar.”
Who knew searching out a fifty-mile radius would take so long? When Keaton and his cousins had divided the country up amongst themselves to carry out, “Operation True One,” they had no idea what a massive endeavor it would be. Which reminded Keaton. He needed to call his cousins.
Cam tugged on Keaton’s hair, forcing him to bend his neck way back in order meet those demanding brown eyes.
“How old are you?” The hand in Keaton’s hair held him immobile. Those eyes studying him. “Do you work?”
“I’m twenty-two,” Keaton answered. “I work at a grocery store over in Apple Ville.”
Keaton couldn’t think of a better way to meet the people who live around the area than by working for a major grocery store chain. It was a good theory, but so far it hadn’t worked. That’s why he hit the bars and clubs at night.
“I’m not going to ask if you’re seeing anyone,” Cam stated. “It doesn’t matter. You’re mine now. Enough with the getting to know you bull.”
The bar swirled around as Cam swept Keaton off the bar and threw him over his shoulder. Long strides carried him through the throng of gyrating people and out the front door.
Only a wisp of cool night air touched Keaton before Cam opened another door and began ascending a set of creaking wooden steps.
Keaton didn’t bother to ask Cam where he was taking him. He figured the man’s bear was riding him hard. If the time worn notes were correct, the next minutes would be the most dangerous. Keaton sent out a silent prayer to the universe that he succeeded in being the first in generations to right a terrible wrong. If not, he hoped his cousins somehow found his body.
Cam didn’t bother with turning the lights on when they reached the top of the stairs. He opened another door and entered what Keaton concluded from the glow of a yard light coming through the windows, was an apartment.
The big man never stopped moving until he’d crossed the room and entered another. Keaton landed with a bounce on the thick mattress of a huge bed. Cam’s large body blanketed Keaton and lips covered his. Keaton reached up and placed his hand on Cam’s face, needing to anchor himself to what he sensed was his soul’s destiny.
Keaton opened his mouth and accepted Cam’s searching tongue. Hops mixed with Cam’s essence pulled Keaton down further into the tunnel of desire. Hands tugged his clothes away, before sweeping over his body.
Automatically Keaton tipped his leg to the side hoping against hope Cam would ignore the bandage covering his outer thigh. At that moment fingers encountered the tape holding the gauze in place.
Cam broke the kiss and Keaton’s heart pounded. A light blinked on. The frown darkening Cam’s face send terror through Keaton’s system.
“I fell and scrapped my thigh while jogging,” Keaton whispered. A trickle of sweat made its way down the side of Keaton’s face.
Cam’s nostril’s flared and the man took a deep breath. “I don’t smell an open wound on you. I do smell the stench of deception. What are you hiding?”
Keaton tried to scramble away, he truly did, but the big man was having none of that. The bandage on Keaton’s thigh was ripped away, revealing a half dollar size birthmark in the shape of a crescent.
“Jackal,” Cam hissed.
Keaton sailed through the air before crashing into the wall on the opposite side of the room. Before he could shake away the shock of pain bombarding his body, Cam was lifting him up by this throat.
“You will die.” Cam’s deep dark tone told only truth and Keaton new he had failed.
In an attempt to right the wrongs of the past he whispered, “It’s all lies. I can prove it.”
But it was too late. His vision clouded until everything went dark.


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