Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Boy, an ice storm, and Mr. B forced to stay in the house does not make for easy writing. I did manage to get this down before he interrupted me for the 6th time.

Cameron lifted his hand and the bartender set two open beers on the bar. Keaton took a quick drink of the one Cameron handed him trying to calm his nerves. If he didn’t somehow know it would enrage the man before him, Keaton would have taken out his phone and texted his cousins. If Cameron wasn’t his, he may be one of theirs. Yeah, that left a bitter taste in his mouth.
A large arm covered in muscles, dark hair, and deeply tanned skin reached across Keaton and rested on the bar, trapping him in the circle of Cameron’s big body.
Keaton froze when Cameron leaned forward and lips brushed over his ear. “What’s your name pretty man?”
“Keaton Daniels,” he answered, unable to not answer, which was weird.
Cameron’s tone turned hard. “Who’s that guy in the maid costume?”
Keaton kept his gaze lowered. “Just a friend.”
A finger under Keaton’s chin forced him to look up.
“I’m Cam Kodiak,” the big man stated. “I own this bar, and I want to be more than your friend.”
“Okay,” Keaton responded and hoped his heart wasn’t about to explode. The man was so gorgeous and he yearned to press up against him and stay there forever.
A hand clamped onto Keaton’s ass and another landed on his shoulder. “Hey Cam, who’s this sweet thing you’ve got there? Do you want to party together? I’m up for it.”
Before Keaton could turn and see who was man-handling him, Cam roared and all hell proceeded to break loose.

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