Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy November! It's hard to believe that the year is coming to an end.
How about a taste of a new story I'm working on. If you are sensitive to MM sex please refrain from reading. This is unedited.

Jameson Conway sipped his bourbon on ice and stared at all the bottles of liquor stacked behind the bar. More than once over the last month he had warmed this bar stool. So far he hadn’t found any answers in the bottom of a bourbon bottle, but at this point he didn’t know what else to do. His life had turned into a nightmare.
For the past three years, Jameson had lived the life he had strived for. After years of hard work for an investment company, he had achieved a junior partner position. He proceeded to purchase a modern luxury apartment, and hired Mrs. Kampski. Best of all he found Micah and convinced him to move in with him.
Micah. Bright, handsome, and talented Micah. The moment he entered a room his witty humor and zest for life lite up the area around him. At least it did before the night everything changed.
Jameson hoped Micah regained his memories, he really did. Except for the night before he woke up with amnesia. That night could forever stay forgotten.
He had no excuses. Yes, he had been exhausted in both mind and body. Yes, he had spent another long day of shuffling investments around to give his clients the greatest advantage of growing their money. A shower and bed had monopolized his thoughts on the drive home.
Sliding in between the cool silky sheets, Jameson pulled a sleeping Micah close. The contact of Micah’s back and ass against his chest and groin, sent blood surging to his cock.
Reaching back, Jameson opened the drawer of the small bedside table, and grabbed the lube and a condom. After gloving up and quickly preparing Micah, Jameson pressed inside the warm, tightness. It didn’t take long before he was pumping hard and taking his pleasure. His orgasm came fast and furious. When he finished, he grabbed a tissue to catch any mess as he pulled out.
Before, he could get out of the bed and clean up, Micah spoke, “I’ve put an offer in on a house. My things are packed up, and I’m leaving in the morning.”
The argument that followed escalated into loud and furious. Looking back, Jameson realized he had been an ass. When Micah had pointed out that all Jameson had done was use his body for sex, he’d been right. He hadn’t kissed the man. He hadn’t even turned him over so they were facing each other. Jameson literally slid up behind Micha and used his hole to get off. Micah screamed that Jameson had forgotten he was a real, living, breathing, person with feelings. And maybe he had.
The night had ended with a cold standoff and each hugging the edge of their side of the bed. In his arrogance, Jameson didn’t believe Micah would actually leave.
The next day Jameson woke to a wide-eyed Micah, huddling against the corner of the headboard. Horror struck as Jameson watched Micah move his lips, but never uttered a sound. The man was terror stricken. It had taken hours to calm Micah enough to dress and convince him to go with him to the doctor. The following week at the hospital continued the nightmare that never seemed to end.
“I take it that nothing’s changed on the home front.” Keeker walked over and poured a liquor into Jameson’s glass.


  1. You are a tease for giving us this much. So when will this be a full fledged book? Inquiring minds want to know so we can plan on when to haunt Amazon in order to read the rest...

    1. This story will be released sometime next year.