Monday, October 10, 2016

 Exciting news! Basil (Battle Bunnies) is #1 at Amazon.

Mr. B and I have spent the day cleaning house and getting ready for my surgery tomorrow. I will admit I did most of the sorting and folding, etc. and Mr. B did the vacuuming and running around. In between, we were getting things around for GRL.
We have five steps getting into our house. I am more than a little afraid of trying to get up those stairs after surgery tomorrow. I know I will be full of painkillers and a bit unsteady. On top of that, they are operation my injured knee that is actually my good knee. There is serious doubt that I will even be able to use crutches while my unoperated knee is supposed to be supporting me. I'm practicing and it isn't working too well.
The good news is Mr. B is a bit of a McGiver. (not sure how to spell that) More than likely, tomorrow morning, he will have something rigged up so I can get into the house. He's good that way.
So when I'm feeling up to it or the drugs are really good, I'll be back. (waves madly)