Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I'm back. I had a great, eye-opening time at GRL (Gay Romance Literature Retreat). I met authors whose books I've read for years. I met wonderful readers. I enjoyed talking about my stories and seeing potential new readers get excited about checking out my books.
Let me tell you about swag. These are items that authors give away. They usually have the name and website of the author on them. I gave away pens, postcards, and bookmarks. I saw small sewing kits being given away. Also, pens that are shaped as hypodermic needles. There were keychains with LED lights in them, and glass wipes. Next year, if I go to Denver, CO for the next GRL I will get cards with pictures of my books on them. I was impressed with those.
What fun we had singing along to the movie Grease one evening. I also went to a dance that featured the Wizard of Oz theme. I saw very attractive men sporting body paint and not much else. Wow! Every night there was something new to do.
I feel honored to be able to attend this event, and I thank everyone who welcomed me in such a warm way.

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