Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I am an exclusive author with Siren Publishing. When my first book was published I had hoped that one day I would become exclusive. It was a goal of sorts. A confirmation that my stories were actually good.
There is a risk signing your name to only one publisher. If that publisher for some reason gets into financial problems or goes out of business, there goes all income until they release you.
On the other hand, Siren is very good to me. They let me write what I want to, when I write it, and although they would like me to keep to a timeline, if I go over, not too much is said.
As you know, I am so very excited to be going to the GRL convention as a featured author. I emailed Siren and asked if The Leader's Little Bit (Rescue for Hire West) would be released in paperback form soon so I can take the book to GRL to introduce new readers to my books. Not only will Little Bit be ready, they are going to put The Tracker Claims the Cutie with it. They are also going to put the first two stories of Granite County into paperback form, and release Volume 4 and 5 of Rescue for Hire into paperback form. That means all of Rescue for Hire will be available in paperback form and the beginning of my other top series. 
I feel very fortunate and blessed.

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