Thursday, August 4, 2016

Say you saw someone running from a group of guys. Say you rescue him. What would you think when he starts saying some crazy things?
Lubirea Mai 4 - Release date - September 28th

Minutes later Silver pulled the motorcycle up to the gas station, convenience store, and restaurant all rolled into one. After shutting off his beloved Harley, and engaging the kickstand, he braced one booted foot on the ground and turned to address his unexpected passenger.
The words about to come out of his mouth were never uttered as he looked at Tye Curry. To say that the man before him was everything Silver liked in a man was an understatement. Tye was cute, with a gorgeous, pouty bottom lip, big light brown eyes, dark wavy hair, and a short brown beard and mustache.  Add in his lean frame and the man pushed every one of Silver’s buttons. Again, Silver reminded himself he didn’t do youngsters.
“You’re angry.” Tye stated. His brown eyes turned bleak. “You haven’t even told me your name. Why are you trying to put up a wall between us?” Tye shivered and crossed his arms around his body. “Your rejection is making me cold.”
Silver was astounded at Tye’s words. He had never heard anyone speak that way. Absently he rubbed the back of his neck.
“What are you talking about? My name is Silver Armstrong.” Silver had a sudden horrible thought. “Tye, are you running away from a hospital? Should I call someone? Are you getting behind on your medication?”
Tye blinked before his eyes widened and he shook his head. “No, I’m a computer technician. I just came from finishing a job at the home improvement store down the road from where you found me.”
Okay, that sounded pretty normal, and Tye’s eyes didn’t have a drugged up look to them. Silver decided to give Tye the benefit of the doubt, but he would keep his eyes open in case Tye started going off the deep end or something.
“This place has pretty good food.” Silver nodded the double glass doors of the restaurant. “Why don’t we go in and have a bite to eat. I’ll even buy you a piece of pie.”
Tye began chewing on that sweet bottom lip while glancing at the restaurant, and then back at the spot where their legs were brushing together. Troubled light brown eyes looked up at Silver.
“Maybe you’d better just spit it out,” Silver urged, scratching the back of his neck.
“If I do, you’re going to think I need to be committed to an insane asylum again,” Tye admitted.
“Just say it,” Silver ordered. For some reason his temper was on edge and his emotions were starting to spin out of control. Adding to the mayhem, the skin on the back of his neck itched, and it was driving him nuts.
“It’s going to hurt when we aren’t touching,” Tye blurted.
Silver frowned while looking down at Tye’s jean clade leg pressed against his black leather chaps. “Why do you think it’s going to hurt?”
Tye’s bottom lip was turning a deep red from the abuse it was taking from his teeth. An uncontrollable need overcame Silver to sooth the now swelling piece of flesh with his tongue. Silver leaned forward, ready to give in to his wants.
Hands came up and slapped against his chest. “No, no, oh don’t kiss me. Not here.” Tye pressed harder on Silver’s chest and arched away. “What a disaster that would be out in the open like this.  If the council’s agents found out, we would be in so much trouble. They would come. At a hundred I’m too young to die.”
What the hell. “What are you talking about?” A sudden need to protect Tye, warred with the part of him that wanted to dump the guy’s ass on the concrete sidewalk and ride away.
Tye’s stiffened and the little imp looked down his nose at Silver. “Look, I know you don’t understand.” Tye shook his head. “Fine. See for yourself.”
Tye stood up on the bike’s footrest and swung his leg over the back. The next instant he was standing on the sidewalk, visible shaking.
A phantom fist plowed into Silver’s stomach and his breath left his lungs. Hunching over at the pain he gritted his teeth as razor blades raked over every inch of his skin. Deep soul stealing loneliness created a huge black cavern inside. Every molecule of his body screamed to take Tye into his arms and never let him go. What the hell?