Monday, August 29, 2016

I am joining the mobs of people who are looking around in a daze and saying, "Where has the summer gone?" This week the children go back to school, my flowers are looking worse for wear, and I've had to put on pants instead of shorts a couple of days last week.
Alright, enough complaining, we can't stop time.
My story, The Tracker's Destiny Finds Him Again, is #1 at Amazon. Thank you for giving it a shot, and I hope you enjoyed it.
Well, back to writing. My current story took a left turn and now I've had to try and figure out how to make the timeline work with another book. Sometimes getting things to work out gets a little tricky.
Please have a wonderful week, and don't let the little things get to you.


  1. I loved the book The Tracker's Destiny Finds Him Again. The beginning was different but cool. I loved how Rhys kept finding candy kisses in his pockets with little notes. The saddest part was during the rescue of the baby, and then Rhys' Papa. But I so can't wait to see how Rhys' cousins become the next members of the rescue for hire family.

    1. Thank you Teena. I'm glad you enjoyed Rhys's story.