Thursday, August 18, 2016

Final edits for Basil (Battle Bunnies) are sent over to Stormy Glenn for her input, then off to Siren. The next time we see it, it will be in your hands.
I need to finish Maksim and Ronnie's Lubirea Mai story. But other stories keep popping in my head and demand I write them down. This morning it was MD who tapped his toe in impatience at me. There will be another book related to his story. And of course, everyone is asking for Parker's story from Rescue for Hire West.
Mr. B keeps asking me what will happen when I can't think of any more stories to write down. At this point, that isn't happening for a long time. It's more about finding the time to get them onto the paper or document.
I am keeping watch on Amazon. The Tracker's Destiny Finds Him Again - Rescue for Hire West should show up at any moment. I'll let you know when it's there.
Have a great day. For those in the path of the fires in the United States' western states, I will send well wishes and strength your way. Also with the victims of the flooding in the south. Here we're holed up in the house trying to stay cool under the high heat and humidity. When the coolness comes, I'm sure we will have some dandy storms. Take care.

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