Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello all.
Vacation is finished and now its time to recover from vacation. Back to work. I did manage to do some work in between enjoying my family. Stormy and I finished Barclay's story. I believe I will be sending it in today.
Many of you have asked when my stories are going to be on Amazon. I have no control over that. It averages about 4-6 weeks after they are released at Siren Publishing.
I feel compelled to comment on the horrible tragedy in Orlando. The bottom line is that people are people and hate is hate.
For anyone to use this tragedy to get on their soapbox of hate is beyond low.
My heart goes out for the friends and families of the victims. My soul hurts for the survivors that will have to live with the memories of what happened. The whys make it all the worse.

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