Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Today ManLove author is Cara Adams. It's always fun to see what new to me authors have to offer.

Tuesday's Teaser. Totally unedited. Just a thought of a new series or maybe one that is already completed. You just never know.

There were only four hours left of his allotted forty-eight. After that, he had to wait another year until his birthday. At thirty-five, he didn’t want to wait anymore. He was the leader of this bunch of nonexistent to the world service men. He needed to show the rest that there was a partner out there for each of them.
If Fifteen didn’t call in and say they were on their way, the guys would go into battle mode and bring him back. It had taken him two months to recover from his injuries the last time he was late. It was better to have the guys in battle mode find him than the government snipers.
Ten had gotten lucky this time. He had found the one. Now, Ten had three and three-quarter hours to persuade the only person in the world for him, to come home with him. If he couldn’t, he would use the last fifteen minutes to forcibly take him to the vehicle without anyone observing what was going on.
It was bad enough that Fifteen would be driving the vehicle while Ten spilled his seed in his partner for life, but for the man to think he didn’t want the marking to take place, left a bitter taste in Ten’s mouth.
The scientists had assured the group there was a partner for each of them. Unfortunately, the assholes refused to tell where these partners were. That sucked, because at the age of forty unless they found a partner, the drugs the scientists pumped them full of to become super soldiers, would kill them.


  1. I want more. It sounds like a good book.

  2. Its just a thought I've been playing with for a while.