Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kimberly Hunter is the author of the day at the ManLove Fantasies Blog.

I posted a snippet  of my current work on Facebook yesterday. For those that have missed it, here it is.

Joe watched Rhys slide his hand into the pocket of his jeans. Over the last few days, he had observed that Rhys’s hands were doing something at every moment. If he was talking, his graceful fingers were emphasizing his words. Even standing next to Flyer and looking at counter top samples for the pilot’s new house, Rhys first touched each square until finally he shoved one hand in his pocket.
Rhys’s whole body stilled. Startling pure blue eyes rested on Joe who was sitting in the corner of the dining room with tiny Bentley on his lap. Joe smiled when Rhys took his hand out of his pocket holding the notepaper wrapped Hershey’s kiss.
Unfolding the paper, and then the tinfoil wrapper, Rhys popped the chocolate into his mouth, no doubt finding the almond in the middle. Looking down at the note, Rhys stopped chewing as he read what Joe wrote.
Go to a movie with me tonight. If you agree, enjoy my kiss.

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