Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thank you, readers, for your wonderful support and kind words on Bailey's release yesterday. Make no mistake, you are what keeps me and other writers going.
I did not see it, but apparently there is some unrest going on in the author community. Seems an author was making demands of her readers to write reviews or some outlandishly other things. I did not see it, but fellow author friends are up in arms. Rightly so.
As a writer, I write to tell the stories that are bubbling inside. As an author, I am greatly appreciative of every kind word and sale I receive. When I'm feeling down, your support gets me through. You make me happy dance on release day and I tend to spend the day talking to you all on Facebook.
Do I wish every one of you that enjoys my book write a review? Sure. Do I expect it? Never. That is your prerogative. It is the height of stupidity to think I could demand it. And usually, it is the people that hate my stories who do write the reviews or happily press the one-star button. But, that is life.
So, now I will get off my soapbox and get back to Carson's story. A few more scenes and it will be finished.
As a thank you for letting me preach a bit, here is a snippet from Carson's story, Rescue for Hire West 5. In this scene, the big bossman and Carson finally settle things.

Finally, Roman nodded and held out his hand. “Welcome to Rescue for Hire West. We are a family here and sometimes there are bumps in the road. My door is always open if you have any concerns or suggestions.”
Carson hadn’t known until that moment how much he wanted Roman to accept him. Was it joy, or peace that he was feeling? He wasn’t sure. It had been so long since he had felt anything other than pain, terror, or despair. It wasn’t until he had met Isaiah, that hope began to grow.
With a little help from Isaiah, Carson stood and shook Roman’s hand. Emotions clogged his throat, but he managed to squeak out, “Thank you.”
Jimmy stepped up to Carson’s side and gave him a one-armed hug. “I’m glad that’s settled. Now about that kissing thing…”
Carson dipped his head, embarrassment staining his cheeks red. Fingers closed around his hand. Carson looked back to see Isaiah leaning toward him. The man gave his hand a gentle tug.
Jimmy’s arm dropped away and Carson turned. Everyone and everything around him disappeared. Carson only had eyes for the big man in front of him with skin the color of smooth dark caramel. And then it happened. He felt the unused muscles of his face move. Isaiah’s mouth parted and Carson heard his quick intake of breath. That didn’t stop Carson. He continued to look at Isaiah and …smile.

* * * *
Isaiah’s heart stuttered. Carson was smiling at him.
 “Oh…fuck,” Isaiah whispered. “Come here, baby.”
Carson launched himself into Isaiah’s arms and he welcome the grand gesture with every fiber of his being. Carson ended up on Isaiah’s lap with his thighs spread wide and a leg over each of Isaiah’s thighs.
Just before their lips crashed together, Isaiah had to tell Carson, “You are so beautiful.”
The kiss included teeth, tongue, and noises that made porn tame. It seemed the acceptance Carson had received over the last couple of days had initiated more healing than months spent with doctors.
“You taste like peppermint,” Carson whispered against Isaiah’s lips.
“On long drives, I like to chew on the round candy with the hole in the middle,” Isaiah answered as his lips traveled over the smaller man’s whisker rough jaw and down to the soft skin of his neck. There was a thin red scar marring one side. Isaiah wouldn’t avoid it. Carson’s scars were now a part of him. Isaiah made sure his lips were gentle, giving pleasure, not pain.
“That’s good to know,” Carson said as he arched his neck to the side give Isaiah more access.
Moments later the two came together again, their mouths locking in a sucking kiss that sealed them as one. Isaiah was delighted with this new Carson.
The next moment Carson jerked away. At the last second Isaiah managed to grab onto him before he went crashing to the floor. A flushed and gasping for breath Carson stared at Isaiah with eyes as wide as saucers.
“Baby?” Isaiah didn’t know what else to say. His body was screaming at the loss of contact from this gorgeous man.
“Isaiah.” Carson’s bottom lip trembled. “I’m hard.”

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