Sunday, March 6, 2016

I'm feeling in a bit of a mushy mood and thought I would share a bit of pure M/M romance. Flyer's story comes out Saturday at Siren Publishing.

For now, his part in the rescue was done. By rights, he should be setting the helicopter somewhere out of the way until he had his next orders. But that wasn’t happening. Styx continued to hover over the crash site.
“Styx?” The sweetest voice spoke in Styx’s ear.
“I’m here, honey.” Styx’s injury wasn’t the cause of his hoarse voice. Love swelled in Styx’s heart, causing his throat to close with emotion.
“I just wanted to let you know I was okay.” Flyer’s voice was shaky but strong.
“I wasn’t leaving until I heard how you were doing.” Styx needed Flyer to know that he would always be there.
“Yeah, honey.” Styx heard something in Flyer’s tone that said this was important.
“I… um…wanted to say…um… me too.”
Styx smiled as happiness filled his being. Flyer loved him. “Me too, honey, me too.”
Shifting the helicopter to a higher altitude, Styx went to find a place to set down until the captain told him how to proceed.