Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I just reviewed my last post and thought you may want an update. Mr. B ended up giving me the greatest gift. We stayed home and he took Cooper and went outside all day. I managed to finish all the revisions and read through of Carson's story. I always go through a story once before I finish it. It was a great birthday.
Yesterday was a whole different story. I intended to give finishing Carson's story a good try. Ha, that idea went right out the window. First, I received an email from Stormy Glenn with Bailey's story attached. Time to review final edits. Spent the morning on that. Ended up finishing it and sending it back to her late in the night. Because, the weatherman announced we were getting a major snow storm. Weather warning radio went off. They are saying we will get 12 - 15 inches with major winds. We could lose electricity.
The electricity is the concern. We have a generator but you have to be careful not to overtax it. So yesterday afternoon, after a trip to the computer doctor, I went and picked up some groceries and I washed all dirty clothes and towels. Dishes had to be washed. These are the things I do when bad weather is predicted. One time after a tornado took out the electricity for 4 days I hadn't been prepared. Dirty dishes in the sink is not good. No clean towels is not good. I'd better be prepared than sorry later.
Computer doctor you ask? Well, yes, I was bad. He could only shake his head at the viruses and malware I managed to pick up in 3 days. But he fixed it and gave me a short session on what not to download. He installed a new ap too. Now if there is a green blob next to the website I know its okay to go there. Red blob is bad. Poor guy, having to put up with me.
So I will be writing this morning. Yes, I should open up Carson's story and work on it, but I want to check out Beau's story (Battle Bunnies 3) While working on the final edits on Bailey's story I had all these ideas.
I better get going if I'm going to get anything done.

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