Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!
I was taking few minutes before the busy day starts and saw I hadn't posted for a while. I thought I had. I sure had enough to say.
Even if there is snow on the ground, it is still spring and time to prepare for summer. I finally have all my seeds planted and they are cozy in the mini greenhouse in the corner of the living room.
On the writing front, I am still plotting away at Carson's story. Each week I think it will be done, but it isn't. I'm also working with Stormy Glenn on the third Battle Bunnies story. I admit those stories have my imagination soaring. I will call Stormy and say, thoughts. The poor woman keeps typing as I rattle off all these thoughts. Then we talk for hours about building on them.
Yesterday I played around and created a new ad. I thought it turned out pretty good. Tuesday will be here soon and I would love to hear your thoughts on Bailey's story.

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