Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Today is going to be fun at my part of the country. We're expecting at least 10 inches of snow with 40 mile an hour winds blowing it around. I like snow so this is fun for me, although I realize driving in it isn't any fun.

Today is also Teaser Tuesday. Dane's Odyssey to a Real Valentine's Day will be released February 20th. Here is a snippet.

Dane turned over and snuggled under the covers. His eyes popped open. Where were the arms and hard, warm bodies that had surrounded him all night? Dane relaxed when he heard low murmurs coming from the direction of the kitchen. The brothers hadn’t left him after he spilled all that crap last night.
Leaving his toasty bed, Dane went over to the dresser and found a pair of sleep pants in the bottom drawer. He pulled them on over his boy shorts and padded bare-footed out to the bedroom.
In the kitchen, the brothers sat at the multi-colored-tile table drinking coffee. Dane paused inside the doorway when the conversation stopped and both brothers looked over at him. Dane shuffled his feet against the kitchen’s cool tile floor, not sure what he was supposed to do.
Vyce held out his hand. Relieved, Dane went over and crawled onto the big alpha’s lap. A large hand spread across the side of Dane’s neck and tipped his head up. Vyce’s lips were firm and in control, opening Dane’s mouth and taking a taste.
This is what Dane had always yearned for. He had almost given up hope of finding a strong man who knew what he wanted and took it.
All too soon the kiss ended. Dane became lost, gazing into Vyce’s eyes. Dane jumped when a sharp crack pierced through the silence of the room and heat bloomed across the side of his ass.
“Go and give Fyuri his morning cuddle,” Vyce ordered.
Dane gave Vyce a quick peck before the big man lifted him off his lap. Moving around the table, Dane hurried into Fyuri’s open arms.
“Good morning, sweetheart.” Fyuri’s smile warmed Dane’s battered soul.
“Good morning,” Dane answered as he was swept up onto Fyuri’s lap.
While Vyce was all about control that sent Dane’s heart pumping and prick throbbing, Fyuri’s kiss was hot, wet, and made Dane’s toes curl. If this was the way every morning was going to start, Dane was on board all the way.
Fyuri ended the kiss and rubbed their noses together for a moment.
“Do you have any commitments for the next few weeks?”
Dane turned his head and looked at Vyce. “No, none that I can think of.”
“Good, then after breakfast, you can start packing.”
Curious as to what Vyce was up to, Dane asked, “Where am I packing for?”
Vyce’s smile was bright against his dark, tanned skin. “Alaska.”


  1. Really you gonna leave us hanging. Dang authors book tease. But I love it. Love it love it.

  2. Looking forward to reading this. Sound Yummy. Lol