Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Today is teaser Tuesday. I am going to put up a snippet of my newest story that should be coming out in February. Dane, one of the main characters has just arrived in Vyce and Fyuri's home.

Through the front windshield, Dane saw a pale glow come into view. He pushed off the comforter and reached for his heavy winter coat. The guys had warned him Minto Flats was icy this time of year.
“Why would we be picking on something that was so ordinary to drink for breakfast as, say, coffee?” Fyuri’s teasing tone made Dane smile.
“Until you’ve tried it, don’t knock it,” Dane teased back.
Vyce’s grunt made Dane laugh. The look of pure horror on the big man’s face after he had tasted Dane’s breakfast drink had been a sight to behold. Dane didn’t dare laugh at the time. So far Dane had managed to avoid another spanking. If he had let out his absolute glee at Vyce’s red face and twisted lips, there was a good chance his bottom would still be tender.
The truck turned right onto a gravel road. In the distance the pale glow had brightened into white yard light. It was interesting that the light was powered by a small solar panel mounted above it. The rustic Alaskan cabin Dane had expected turned out to be a two story log home.
A short distance from the house was a large metal shed and farther away surrounded by wooden fencing was what looked to be a large barn. Vyce pulled the truck up near the front door of the house.
Once the engine was shut off, the silence was deafening. Even a smaller town like Harrison had trucks and cars going by and people yelling back and forth, normal stuff. Other than the tink, tink of the truck’s engine cooling, Dane heard nothing.
Fyuri’s dark gaze met Dane’s. “Welcome to our home, Dane.”
Dane had to clear the warm bubbling emotions clogging his throat. “Thank you.”
Vyce turned and looked over the back of his seat. “Zip up and put on your hat. It’s cold outside.”
The urge to stick out his tongue at Vyce was enormous. In the end, the brothers opened their doors and got out of the truck, so Dane followed orders, left the vehicle and stepped into a whole new world.
“Holy…” Dane choked on the bitter cold. He covered his mouth and nose with his hand. The skin on his hand started tingling. “Geeze,” Dane complained.
“You’ll get used to it.” Vyce’s hand closed around Dane’s now freezing free hand. “Let’s get out of this wind and go into the house.”
The wind Vyce just brought Dane’s attention to picked up and he thought the skin on his face was going to fall off from the stinging needles of air.
Dane was more than ready to follow Vyce into a nice warm house.  Just as he took a couple of steps, behind Dane came a low woof. Dane stopped but was jerked forward by Vyce’s grip on his hand. Another louder low woof sounded sending prickles of fear up his spine.
Vyce paused, and in a panic, Dane turned to see what was about to make him lunch. Standing in front of Dane were two gigantic dogs, the size of horses. Paralyzed with fear, Dane watched the animals move as one towards him, spring into the air… and missed.

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She has a sweet story of a competitive swimmer for you. You can find it here: http://manlovefantasies.blogspot.com/?zx=63660307fba4d459

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