Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Teaser Tuesday. Dane's Odyssey to a Real Valentine's Day. Out February 21st.

Dane entered his apartment. He was home, except home felt a million miles away, up in the Alaskan wilderness. He didn’t want to be here.
Fyuri’s muscled arm came around his shoulders. “It’s late, and we need to be at the courthouse early tomorrow. I think we should order something in and head right to bed.”
Dane looked at the floor he didn’t want to be standing on. “Fine.”
Vyce sat down on one of Dane’s over-stuffed living room chairs and pointed to his lap. “Come sit.”
Dane’s shoulders slumped and he forced himself to shuffle over to Vyce. The man saw everything, and Dane didn’t want to talk about it. He wasn’t going to tell them what his heart wanted, nope, he was not.
Soon Dane was snuggled against Vyce’s big body with his head nestled near his neck. Vyce’s fresh masculine scent washed over Dane’s anxieties. Breathing deep Dane let all his tense muscles relax.
“Talk,” Vyce ordered.
Dane’s relaxed state flew out the window under the irritating man’s constant prying. Was Dane going to bitch, and try to get out of answering? No, and yes. Bitching lead to a swat on the ass and Dane was no fool. On the other hand, he wasn’t about to confess his true desires.
“I’m just nervous about tomorrow.” Dane traced the pocket of Vyce’s long-sleeved T-shirt. “I could lose a lot of money.”
Vyce grunted, and Dane somehow knew it was in displeasure. Running wouldn’t work so Dane decided to sit tight and hope for the best.
“You lost me at the money point, sweetheart.” Fyuri sat on the big chair’s arm moving Dane’s legs onto his lap. “How about you tell us what’s really bothering you.”
“I’m worried about Eddie. I know I have to be here, but part of me wants to be back in Alaska. He puked twice yesterday. He might need me.” Dane knew he was rambling, but he couldn’t help it.
“He puked because he got a hold of some chicken poop,” Fyuri pointed out.
Dane sat up. “You see. He could be poisoned. He needs me to be there.”
Vyce’s gaze narrowed as he studied Dane. Over the last weeks, Dane had learned to trust these two men to know him better than he knew himself.
His trust wasn’t misplaced when Vyce spoke, “When the trial is over you won’t ever have to come back here unless you want to visit your parents.”
“What about this apartment and my car?” They were just things, but old tests were hard to break. People changed their minds.
Vyce shrugged one shoulder. “The things you want to keep, ship to Alaska. Are you in love with the car?”
“No.” Dane was never one to be obsessed with vehicles of any type.
“Sell it or give it to someone,” Vyce stated.
Dane started chewing on his fingernail. He needed the words. Both men had made it clear that they cared, but the actual words were never said.
Gathering his courage he blurted out, “Why? What happens when you get sick of me?”
Vyce’s eyebrows lowered over stormy dark, dark brown eyes. Lips pressed together into a thin straight line and flags of color highlighted his sharp cheek bones.
Scared out of his ever-living-mind, Dane scrambled to get off Vyce’s lap only to end up landing with a breath-taking thump on the floor.
Dane turned onto his back, only to find Vyce crouched above him, his face inches from Dane’s. Oh shit, he was a dead man. Fyuri knelt beside him, the anger on his face a replica of his brother’s.
“What are you really asking us?” Fyuri demanded. “Because I thought we made it more than clear that we’re keeping you for all time.”
“It’s just that giving up my apartment is a big step.” Dane tried pushing his body out from under Vyce. The big man responded by leaning his weight onto Dane. “It’s not like you’re asking me to move across the street. You live in Alaska.”
Vyce, as always cut to the quick of Dane’s fears. “We can’t both marry you.”
“I didn’t think you could,” Dane shot back. Oh, but he wished somehow they would.
“This is about words and commitment.” Vyce’s tone was accusing and it broke Dane’s heart. He would push no man to say he loved him.
Dane shoved Vyce’s chest. The hard muscles never moved. “Let me up.”
The clock in the corner started playing a zippy jingle letting the room know it was the top of the hour. When it finished and all was quiet again Dane’s heart turned heavy. It was officially Valentine’s Day. He wondered if he should call Gramps. It might be his only chance on what was sure to turn out to be a horrendous day.
Vyce glanced at Fyuri. “Get it ready.”
Fyuri stood and grabbed his carryon bag before disappearing into the kitchen. A few moments later the hum of the microwave started.
Looking up into Vyce’s handsome face Dane asked, “What’s going on?”
A ghost of a smile lifted Vyce’s lips. “I’m trying to decide whether to spank you or not.”
Oh no, being human did not garner a spanking. “Because I was nervous about giving up everything and moving thousands of miles away with two people I’ve only known two months?”
“No. You forgot the rules.”
The microwave dinged signaling that it was finished. A door slammed shut and Fyuri appeared before disappearing down the hall toward the bedroom.
“I didn’t break any rules, nor did I forget them.” Dane decided to push just a little. After all he was lying on the hard wooden floor and Vyce wasn’t letting him go anywhere. “I didn’t back talk, and I didn’t go outside after dark without you or Fyuri, or packing a gun. Most of all, I didn’t use your toothbrush to clean the toilet when you irritated me.” Dane made sure his smile was over bright.
Vyce grunted. Before Dane could decipher that particular caveman sound, Vyce rose to his feet, grabbed him, and threw him over his shoulder. Crap on a cracker, Dane had no doubt he was in trouble now.
“Can we talk about this?” Dane arched his back trying to catch his breath.
“No.” Vyce’s large hand came down on Dane’s ass. “Settle down.”
Dane relaxed and let that huge shoulder dig into his stomach. The ride should be over soon, he could tell by the carpet runner they were walking down the hall and had almost reached his bedroom.
The plush cream carpet of his bedroom came into view. The next moment Dane was being set onto his feet. Looking around, Dane saw small flickering candles covering every surface of the darkened room. His face grew warm at all the red rose petals strewn over his white comforter and a naked Fyuri sitting against the headboard with his long legs crossed. Lying on the bed next to Fyuri was a large lace covered pink and white heart-shaped box. 

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