Saturday, January 23, 2016

Its the weekend, but as usual I'm writing. I'm still waiting for the glamorous life of a writer to happen. How surprised new writers are after they finish and publish their first book. It becomes very clear, very quickly that becoming a millionaire with one book only happens to a few. Now the real work begins. On top of the tricky job of promotion, there is record keeping, and the pressure of getting that next book out. I write seven days a week. I don't get the word count out that some do, but I keep plotting along.
The good part of writing is that I can stay home. I'm a homebody and my thoughts tend to be erratic (surprise) and after a while I drive people crazy. I also get great satisfaction when I finish a manuscript and hit the send button. And nothing can compare to release day. I always wear my socks with the party balloons on them in celebration.
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

Today's featured author at ManLove Fantasies is


She has given us a well written story that sucks you right in. The good kind.

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