Friday, January 15, 2016

It's Friday! Where did the week go? This weekend is supposed to me cold. Highs in the below zero numbers. Good writing weather.

I finished the blurbs for Dane's Odyssey to a Real Valentine's Day. This book is scheduled to be out February 20th. I thought I'd share one of the blurbs.

For years Gramps told Dane Kennedy a real Valentine’s Day is more than cards and chocolate. It includes lovers, family and friends. The secrets Dane holds close prevents him from finding what Gramps is talking about. A phone call changes Dane’s world and he’s put in the excruciating position of making a life and death decision.
Vyce and Fyuri Romeo push all of Dane’s attraction buttons. The big Native American brothers are muscled, dark-skinned, and powerful. But are they as strong inside as they are on the outside? Another phone call devastates Dane. One of his secrets has been discovered and could cost him millions.
Dane runs. Vyce and Fyuri find him. The brothers set rules. Dane pushes the limits and discovers the pleasures of punishment. Life has torn holes into Dane’s fragile soul. But sometimes our heartaches are of our own makings. Sometimes secrets aren’t always a secret. Watch Dane find this out when he’s given a real Valentine’s Day.

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And the story continues.

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