Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good teaser Tuesday.

I have been working hard to finish Rescue for Hire West 4 - Flyer's Story. I don't have a title yet but will have to come up with something soon as its almost finished. Styx has come to Los Héroes for a job of maintaining the planes and machinery. After interviewing and touring the place this is what happened. Oh, did I mention the attraction between Flyer and Styx was instantaneous. .

“You’re going to hire him, right?” Flyer murmured out of the side of his mouth.
Styx had entered the office ahead of him and the Captain, and Flyer needed to make sure his boss was on the same page as he was. Flyer was prepared to take a stand if needed. Styx belonged at Los Héroes.
Roman paused and looked down a Flyer. “Of course.”
Flyer followed Roman into the office. He could feel the smile stretching his face muscles. Life was good. He headed toward Styx intending to sit next to the big man.
“I don’t think so.” Roman’s hand appeared in front of Flyer’s face. One finger pointed at Flyer’s original chair on the side of the desk. “Park yourself in that chair.”
Damn. Flyer would have grumbled, but no one except maybe Jimmy went up against the Captain. Flyer sat in the chair Roman indicated. Styx was watching Roman walk around the desk and take his chair. Flyer’s leg began to bob when both men sat back and gazed at each other.
Styx was the first to break the mini stare off. It made sense as the Captain was the boss. Roman opened the file in front of him and took out a piece of paper, and held it out to Styx.
“This is what I’m prepared to offer you in salary and benefits. Of course living in the hacienda is included.” Roman pressed his fingertips together as he waited for Styx to finish reading the paper. “On the bottom is a list of amenities that are included in your work contract. Do you have any questions?”
Flyer could see that Styx was carefully going over everything listed on the paper. By the time Styx glanced up, both of Flyer’s legs were bobbing.
“Styx Randall, are you ready to accept the mechanic’s position at Rescue for Hire West?”
A smile appeared on Styx’s face, and Flyer almost melted into a puddle of goo.
“Yes, I accept the position,” Styx answered.
Flyer couldn’t contain his elation. He sprang to his feet, pumped his fist in the air and shouted, “Yes.”

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  1. OH can't wait! I ADORE the Rescue for Hire series!!!! All of them!!!

  2. Thank you for enjoying my stories, Lee.