Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On the twenty-third day of December my true love gave to me...
The Leader's Little Bit - Rescue for Hire West 1

The canopy above Roman changed into a music video of one of the top-rated bands in the country. Everyone stopped and looked up at the spectacle of colors and good music. Roman observed the people.

His gaze landed on the figure of a small man across the street. The tan cargo shorts and green tank top emphasized his lean physique, which had the predator in Roman waking up. Roman resisted the impulse to go over there, grab the man up into his arms, and keep him in his hotel room until neither of them could walk.

Roman was a big man, with a lot of muscle mass, but he had the ability to slip silently through a crowd and blend in with his surroundings. In a matter of seconds, he had navigated the throng of people and was approaching the man who had caught his attention.

Roman couldn’t take his eyes off a neck so gracefully arched. He wanted the man naked under him while he buried his hand in the guy’s messy short light brown hair. He would tug on that shiny hair until the man presented his neck for Roman’s pleasure. Wide light green eyes stared up in wonder at the canopy above, and slightly parted lips looked as if they were begging for kisses.

Taking a deep breath to calm these newly found crazy-assed feelings and his body’s over-the-top reaction to the man, Roman stepped beside him and looked up at the video.

“A sight like that makes you want to watch it for hours,” Roman commented.

Roman knew the man thought he was talking about the pictures racing across the canopy, but in actuality Roman was commenting on him.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” the man responded, not taking his eyes off the screen.

A shiver raced across Roman’s skin at the sound of the man’s voice. He needed to demand his attention, but, instead, in a calm voice he said, “I’m Roman Marshall.”

The man turned his head and light green eyes widened as the man took in Roman for the first time. Straight white teeth bit down on his plump lower lip for a moment before the man released it. Roman wanted to use his tongue to soothe the reddened skin.

“Hi, I’m Jimmy Earl.”

Jimmy shifted his slight weight back and forth. Roman figured that was a nervous habit. Time to see if the little bit of a man was brave enough to catch Roman’s bait.

“I’m hungry. Would you like to go have something to eat?” he asked and waited, never letting his gaze waver from Jimmy’s.

“Um… well… um.” Jimmy shifted and looked away before biting his lip again. His gaze slid back to Roman’s. “Sure.”

Tension Roman hadn’t realized was there, eased. Smiling, he gestured toward the casino next to them. “They have a halfway decent restaurant here. Let’s go see what looks good.”

“Okay.” Jimmy gave him a tentative smile before turning toward the huge open entryway Roman had indicated to. Most casinos left their doors open wide to welcome people ready to spend money.

Roman sucked in his breath at the sight of Jimmy’s ass. The small backpack nestled against the man’s back couldn’t distract from the perfectly heart-shaped booty Jimmy’s shorts clung to. When Jimmy started through the door opening, his ass flexed, causing Roman’s cock to press uncomfortably against the zipper of his jeans.

For the last three months, Roman had been exploring a new venture and negotiating his future. As he laid a hand on Jimmy’s slim shoulder to guide him through the maze of clanging bells and flashing lights of the slot machines, Roman added Jimmy as a possibility to his plans.

A hostess greeted them at the restaurant and proceeded to seat them at a table near the back. That was fine with Roman. He wanted to get to know Jimmy with as few distractions as possible.

As they settled into chairs across from each other, Jimmy took off his backpack and hung it on the back of one of the free chairs. That action, along with seeing Jimmy’s face in the bright glow of the restaurant’s lights, had Roman’s heart sinking.

He didn’t do jailbait, and he was no one’s daddy.


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