Sunday, December 27, 2015

On the twenty-seventh day of December by true love gave to me...
Shadow's Pen - Rescue for Hire 10

Last month Shadow fulfilled his duty and had gone on his last mission. Those who bothered to watch the news on television or read a newspaper would know only that one of the top terrorists in the world was no longer a threat. Now Shadow was free but was finding freedom boring.

Shadow paused in mid-step. Now that ass wasn’t boring. Senses sharpened by years of undercover military missions went on alert as the hunter in Shadow came out.

White jeans molded a firm, round ass that would spill over Shadow’s large hands and give him hours of playtime using his favorite toys. The man’s legs were slightly apart, emphasizing solid thighs. In Shadow’s mind, he imagined pushing those thighs wide before sinking his cock deep into the man’s hole and staying there for a few hours.

A black tank top accentuated a slim waist and lean, muscled shoulders. An arm raised a glass filled with something green. Shadow didn’t know what the drink was, nor did he care. He was more interested in arms that looked fit but didn’t contain bulky muscles.

Shadow wasn’t into small men, as some of his former teammates were. Before his friend Mr. Saint had met his partner, Shadow had made lots of money at bars betting that the giant of a man would go after the tiniest blond in the place. As intense as Shadow was in the sack, if he tried to bed a tiny man, he would break them before their night together was half over.

This man was more his style. As he walked up behind him, Shadow estimated his height at five-ten, just the right complement to his own six-four. Now if the man’s face didn’t look like his Aunt Mildred’s fat ass in black spandex, Shadow’s night could be looking up.

The three men clustered around his potential fuck did a double take when they spotted him.

“Hey, Pen, did you forget to tell us you were meeting someone?” a slim blond wearing too much eyeliner asked.

“What are you talking about?” The man in the white jeans glanced over his shoulder and froze, staring at Shadow.

At first, Shadow only saw big light gray eyes surrounded by thick black lashes and a wide mouth shaped like a cupid’s bow. After taking a moment to enjoy and imagine what he could do to that mouth, Shadow noticed the heart-shaped silver earring in the man’s right ear. Adding to the attractive picture was heavily styled dark brown hair that would have reached the man’s collar if he was wearing one.

Looking back at the three men he wanted gone, Shadow ordered, “Go away.”

Like leaves in the wind, the three scattered. The man they called Pen watched them disappear into the crowd before looking back over his shoulder. A frown now marred his handsome features. “That was rude.”

Shadow stepped forward and pressed his body against the man in front of him. His dick throbbed from the contact with that sweet ass. The man turned his head back around and looked forward while settling back against Shadow. And Shadow liked that display of submission.

Shadow spread his hand on the side of the man’s hip and caressed it. Leaning forward, he trailed his tongue up the side of the man’s smooth delcious neck until he reached his ear. “I want to spend time with you.”


* * * *


Holy fuck.

Pen had come to the hotel’s combination bar and restaurant to see if any of his friends were there and to drink enough to keep the nightmares at bay so that he could sleep through the night.

Now his friends had deserted him, and there was a huge-ass man behind him licking his neck.

Goosebumps rose along Pen’s arms when the man whispered against the sensitive skin next to his ear, “People call me Shadow. What is your name?”

“I’m Pen,” he answered, liking how this Shadow easily held his weight while he leaned against him.

Shadow began licking at the crease behind Pen’s ear. A shiver quaked through Pen’s body, and his jeans became a size too small.

“Come to the bathroom with me,” Shadow ordered.

Pen’s mind raced in circles. Should he take the chance with a stranger? They were in a public place. Hell, he had been so surprised by the stranger’s sudden appearance. He hadn’t even gotten a good look at the man yet. In the end, the hard-as-iron pole rubbing against his ass decided it for him. “Let’s go.”

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