Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On the thirtieth day of December my true love gave to me...
A Valentine's Story (unnamed) - A Holiday Story 2)


A half hour later, Dane made his way across the airport to gate sixteen so he could catch the plane for his last leg of the journey. After finding the gate, he settled into one of the hard plastic chairs in the waiting area. A glance out the huge picture window revealed no plane at the docking zone. Dane slumped lower in the chair, deciding to make himself as comfortable as possible for the upcoming wait.
Relaxing, Dane let his head lean back against the chair and looked straight ahead. Exhaustion was starting to creep up on him.
Frowning, Dane blinked, focusing on the two men staring at him from their chairs across the four foot strip of carpet. Dane blinked again. Okay his imagination hadn’t conjured up two magnificent Native Americans. They were right there, in front of him, looking at him with an intense expression in their brown eyes. Shivers race up Dane’s spine.

* * * *
A long low whistle escaped out of Fyuri Romeo’s mouth. My, my, look at that sweet thing. He wasn’t very big, but those firm legs encased in tight denim would feel so good wrapped around his waist while Vyce pushed into him from behind. A glance at Vyce’s face said he was feeling it too.
“So how are we going to get him to come over here and say, hi,” Fyuri murmured out of the side of his mouth.
Vyce grunted.
Fyuri hadn’t expected anything more from his brother. They may both be in their late twenties and only eighteen months apart, but Vyce was the older brother and pure alpha. Fyuri was no slouch, but he tended to be the talker of the two, and more easy going, except when his temper was riled, then watch out, because he lived up to his name.
The little stranger’s wide gray eyes kept darting from Fyuri to Vyce. They were surrounded by thick black lashes and tilted up at the corners giving the man an exotic look. A straight slim nose and the sexiest pair of lips Fyuri had ever seen combined with smooth tan skin and black hair had Fyuri ready to jump up and stuff the man into his suitcase. Once Fyuri was home, he would let him out, only after he agreed to stay for a while.
Vyce turned his head and looked at Fyuri. One slashing black eyebrow rose. “We can’t kidnap him.”
Damn, the man knew him too well. On to plan B. Fyuri stood, grabbed his carryon duffle bag, and sauntered across the aisle. The cutie sat up straighter as Fyuri drew nearer. Sitting next to him, Fyuri maneuvered one of his shoulders behind the man’s shoulder, for comfort in the closely spaced chairs, of course.
On the other side, Vyce sat. Fyuri noticed Vyce covered the man’s other shoulder with his. Now they had him protected and where he belonged, between them.
“Hey guys,” The man wiggled about. “You’re squishing me here.”
Vyce looked at the cutie and raised one eyebrow. “Really?”
The man stilled his movements and flushed, making him even more attractive. “Well, um, you are kind of crowding me in.”
Fyuri figured it was time to intervene and make nice. “I’m Fyuri Romeo and this is my brother Vyce. We’re waiting for the plane to Granite City. We’re visiting our brother for the holidays and attending a wedding.”
“Really?” The man’s eyes widened and he smiled, sending all of Fyuri’s blood straight to his dick. “I’m going to Granite City for a wedding. My name is Dane Kennedy.”
Fyuri studied Dane. He didn’t look familiar and Fyuri didn’t recognize the name. But then, he only knew Rock, who was one of the grooms, and Synn, who was Fyuri’s brother and Rock’s best man in the wedding. There was also the fact that this wedding contained three other couples, whom Fyuri never met.
A terrible thought hit Fyuri right between the eyes. “Are you in the wedding?”
Excitement lit up those mesmerizing gray eyes. “Oh yes,” Dane answered.
 Fyuri’s heart plummeted and he saw Vyce stiffen.
“I’m standing up as my brother’s best man.” Dane’s smile grew. “It’s going to be the biggest and craziest wedding I’ve ever attended. My brother is marrying Stephanie. She is this tiny woman who it a whirlwind on a calm day, but so far Derrick is okay with that.” The cutest chuckle bubbled out of Dane. “After Derrick asked Stephanie’s dad for permission to marry her, she came up with the idea that her three brothers should get married to their partners in a huge family wedding. Is that the wedding you’re attending, the Hayward family wedding?”
Fyuri hadn’t thought of it in that way, but Rock was getting married to Brad Hayward. “Yeah, that’s the wedding we’re going to. Our brother Synn is Rock Morrison’s best man.”
Dane squinted and seemed to be thinking. “Okay, Rock is marrying Stephanie’s brother, Brad. I haven’t met any of the other siblings, but Derrick speaks highly of them and their partners.”
“Are you sticking around after the wedding or heading out right away?” Fyuri needed to know how much time he and Vyce had to seduce this man into their bed. Once Dane was there, Fyuri figured it would take at least a week to scratch the itch.
Dane frowned, and his teeth began to worry his bottom lip. “Um, I don’t know. Derrick and Stephanie plan on spending New Year’s Eve in Jamaica where they’re honeymooning. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a little traveling after the holidays or what.”
Fyuri held back his smile. This could turn out to be one of the hottest sex-filled holidays he and Vyce had in a long time.
The speakers crackled to life and a woman announced their flight was ready for boarding. Fyuri glanced out the window and saw that while they were getting acquainted with the exotic Dane, the plane had taxied in and was waiting.
Standing, Fyuri waited for Dane to grab his small suitcase, and with Vyce bringing up the rear, headed toward the lady taking tickets.

* * * *

Vyce studied the man two rows up and on the other side of the plane from him and Fyuri. He knew his brother like the back of his hand, and it was too bad, but Fyuri was going to have to change all those plans that were running through his head.
Oh sure, they all were going to end up in bed having naked, sweaty, mind blowing sex, but what Fyuri didn’t realize, was that they were keeping Dane Romeo.
Vyce watched as Dane lifted a trembling hand and pushed strands of wavy black hair behind his ear. The man was exhausted. Vyce had seen it in the purple smudges under Dane’s eyes and the fine lines at the corners of his mouth where smooth skin should be.
Dane seemed to be a lean man to begin with, but Vyce didn’t think he usually sported such sharp cheek bones or wore clothing that loose under that heavy winter coat.
While Fyuri was making small talk with Dane, Vyce was looking at more than pretty eyes, smooth skin, and a body that would provide many hours of exploration using ones mouth or the tips of their fingers. He saw a haunted look come into the man’s eyes now and again. Once in a while his mouth would tighten, and Dane would lift his hand and rub it across his belly.
Vyce was an observer of man. He had to be with his job at Alaska’s Department of fish and Game. In the vast wilds of Alaska, Vyce found most men were hardened by the rugged life they lived or were on the run from something, and sometimes both. Weak people didn’t last long up there. The long darkness or eternal light of day ate them up. It was Vyce’s job to keep them on the right side of the law concerning wildlife or be one step ahead of them if they weren’t.
If Vyce had to make a guess, he would say something traumatic had happened to Dane recently. The hand that was again pushing hair off Dane’s forehead revealed fingernails, clipped short and well taken care of, except for the nail on his index finger. It looked chewed and ripped to the quick. The edges were red and a bit swollen telling Vyce the damage had been recent.
Fyuri leaned his head toward Vyce and said, “He sure is pretty.”
“You better start looking under the surface of this one,” Vyce advised, meeting Fyuri’s gaze.
“Why?” Fyuri tipped his head to the side and studied him. Vyce had no problem looking back and conveying how serious he was. It didn’t take long for Fyuri to get the message.
“Shit, you want to keep him.” Fyuri’s frown said his was turning this new idea over in his brain and dissecting it. Finally he looked at Vyce with a grimace. “Why?”
Fyuri’s confusion pissed Vyce off. “Because he’s the one. If you don’t believe it or aren’t ready to be open with the idea, feel free to back off. I will make him mine, alone.”
Fyuri’s head snapped back as if he had been slapped. For the last ten years the brothers had sex with men together. They preferred it that way. Once in a while they discussed what would happen if they found someone to have a long term relationship with. The understanding between them was it would always be together with another man. Now that might have changed and Fyuri needed to deal with it.
Flags of red covered Fyuri’s cheekbones. “How can you say that? We just met him. Here I was hoping he wasn’t dating anyone and we could move in on him together, and you’re sitting there telling me you’re keeping him for all time. You do know that is crazy don’t you?”
Before Vyce could answer a blond woman from the row in front of them stood up and turned around. “Look, I know you keep saying he, but please, please be talking about me. You can keep me for as long as you want.”
Shocked, Vyce paused before bursting out in laughter. He’d let Mr. Sweet Talker next to him let the pretty lady down easy. He had plans to make concerning the small man on the other side of the plane.


  1. Valentines Day I have to wait till then!

  2. Valentines Day I have to wait till then!

  3. Oh I can't wait until it's released. ❤️❤️

  4. OMG!!! More Romeo's! I can't wait... But but what will be inbetween?

    1. I'm sorry Chantal, but other than a box set of Rescue for Hire books in January, there isn't anything new coming out. We had some family issues that derailed my writing for over a month. But the good news is, the words are flowing.