Thursday, December 3, 2015

On the third day of December my true love gave to me ...
Damian's Treble - Rescue for Hire 3
Treb knew the pilot was watching him again. A person would think the guy would be too busy flying the plane, but it looked like he was one of those who could multitask. Treb wasn’t sure he trusted a multi-tasker. They always seemed to have an ulterior motive.
The guy was sure nice to look at, though. He was about a half foot taller than Treb. In his opinion, that wasn’t too tall.
Damian’s hair was the same color as a horse in Treb’s favorite book from his childhood. When Treb had been a little kid, every night he would sit on his mother’s lap in an old wooden rocking chair. Together they would look at picture books and read stories. It was their time.
One night they were looking at a book filled with pictures of horses. On one of the pages he had seen the most beautiful horse. He pointed to it and asked, “What color is this one?”
“That color, my darling, would be called chestnut. Isn’t that horse beautiful with all of that shiny reddish brown hair? It looks so soft,” his mom had answered.
“Yeah, it’s beautiful,” he replied. He had felt his mom kiss the top of his head then.
They had spent the rest of the night looking at the horse book and then his mom had put him to bed. Treb always thought his mom was the coolest.
Damian’s hair was shiny like that horse’s, too. Absently he wondered if it was as soft as it looked.
Treb had to admit the guy’s eyes were fun to watch. They were blue with a hint of green in them. When that punk at the hotel tried to make him dance, Treb had seen Damian’s eyes turn from blue to sparkly green. Treb figured that green meant Damian was getting revved up about something. Although he didn’t know why the man would get upset, he had handled it just fine.
Treb had to admit he had been disappointed when Damian had turned him down for a fuck. He was Treb’s favorite type, with the whole wide shoulders and muscled chest thing going on. Add in the small waist and tight ass, and Treb really wanted to strip his clothes off and explore to his heart’s content. Now that was an unusual state for him. He didn’t stick around long enough with a hookup for any exploring. That always made things messy, and not in a hot, sweaty sex kind of way. He so did not do that whiny emotional crap.
According to Bret, Treb needed to start talking to people more. In his twenty-eight years of life, he hadn’t seen the point of all that “getting to know you” shit. If a man had an itch, he scratched it. It worked for him. Except now, tall, fine, and chestnut had turned him down. Maybe since he had nothing better to do he could find out why.
Damian watched Treb stand up and make his way out of his corner to the seat next to him.
“Hey,” came the greeting.
“Hey, yourself.” Damian knew he had to let Treb start the conversation. Then he would make sure he enjoyed it enough to come back for more. Except now, neither of them was saying anything.
After a few more moments of silence with Treb just sitting there looking out the window, Damian was second guessing his strategy. Finally Treb spoke again.
“When we get back home, do you want to fuck?” Treb thought it was worth a try, but by the sudden slump of Damian’s shoulders, maybe not.
“Nope.” Damian wanted to howl and scream in frustration. But by digging deep into his military training, he managed to keep his patience.
“You like flying airplanes and helicopters?” There, that sounded like a halfway decent question. Bret would be proud.
“I’ve always wanted to be a pilot and hope to keep flying until the day I die,” Damian answered, silently willing the man to keep going.
“Is there anything else you like to do?” Man, he was getting good at this.
“In my free time I like rock climbing, snow skiing, and zipping around in my ultralight plane.” Damian wanted to see if anything pricked the man’s interest. He held back a smile at the bright curious look that lit up Treb’s face.
“You have an ultralight? I have always thought it would be a riot to try one of those. What’s it like?” Treb asked.
“The weather is supposed to be pretty good tomorrow. If you wanted to come over to my house, we could go up for a while.” Damian said a silent prayer that the man would say yes.
“Really? Is there enough room for the both of us?”
“It’s a two passenger. There’s room,” Damian assured him..
“Okay. What time?”
“I have some things that need to get done in the morning so just after noon would be good.”
“Sounds good.”
And just like that the two had a date. One of them was oblivious and the other was fist pumping in his mind.

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