Tuesday, December 1, 2015

On the first day of December my true love gave to me.....

Bear's Pup - Rescue for Hire 1 - http://www.bookstrand.com/bears-pup
Amid splintered boards, furniture, and other debris floating past was a person clinging to what looked like the headboard of a bed. Cade signaled the driver, and immediately Cade and his teammate, Tony, were heading toward the person. As they got closer, Cade could now tell it was a man they were trying to get to. He also realized the guy wasn’t wearing much clothing. That wasn’t unusual, as clothing tended to be ripped away in fast-moving water. They had to slow down before reaching him so that they didn’t cause a wake and push the board further away. There was also the possibility of swamping the headboard with water and sinking both it and its occupant.
With skillful maneuvers the driver managed to get the boat close enough so that Cade and Tony could both grab the small man from the churning waters. Not wasting any time, the boat was turned around and headed to the shore. Cade held the guy close trying to stop any more damage from being inflicted from the rough ride. He could tell in a glance the poor fellow was pretty banged up.
Finally they reached the designated boat ramp where Jack, who was his second-in-command and a paramedic, had a first aid station set up. Reluctantly, Cade handed the injured man to a volunteer who took him over to where a couple of cots were set up for an initial medical evaluation. Immediately, Jack was checking the little guy over. The same volunteer had a clipboard and was writing and checking boxes on a form as Jack continued his exam, quietly asking questions. Getting out of the vehicle, Cade went over to the small man in the makeshift bed and stood by him, watching. For some reason, Cade couldn’t move away.
“What are your orders, boss?” Tony asked.
Not taking his eyes off the small man and finding he was a bit irritated that Jack was touching him, Cade ordered, “Have everyone come in and take a break. Find something to eat and rest for thirty.”
The man on the cot turned his head and looked at Cade. Even though the poor guy was exhausted, cold, and injured, he had the most beautiful warm, velvety brown eyes Cade had ever seen. And they just grabbed a hold of something inside, taking his breath away. Cade couldn’t stop himself from gently placing his hand on the man’s thin wet leg.
“Don’t leave me,” the man pleaded.
“I’m not going anywhere,” Cade stated.
Turning to Jack, he asked, “Does he have to be taken to the hospital, or can I take him home with me?”
“What the hell, boss?” Jack was clearly confused. Standard procedure after a massive disaster rescue was getting basic identification details. Jack also evaluated the victim and decided if the person needed a hospital or just had to go to a shelter that was usually set up for victims to be reunited with loved ones. Jack couldn’t recall any of his teammates ever becoming personally involved with a victim. Especially his powerful, by-the-book boss. Jack had never seen him act this way toward a recue before.
“Answer the question, Jack.” Cade may have been addressing Jack, but his attention was clearly on the man lying on the cot.
“Well, I will need to draw blood. Standard procedure for infections. I have meds for that and the pain, which should help him over the next couple of days. He’s conscious and aware, but should be closely monitored over the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Mostly he will sleep and need hydration,” Jack explained.

“Alright, do what you have to do. Then when the rest of the team is finished with their break, take over. I’m taking him home to recover. If you need anything, I’ll have my phone on me,” Cade told his second. Jack looked him right in the eye for a minute, and then they seemed to come to an understanding. Nodding, he went back to work.
Cade, on the other hand, didn’t quite know why he was acting like this. He just knew he was taking this little man home to heal. During that time he would find out if this attraction, connection, and what his gut was telling him were real.


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