Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On the fifteenth day of December my true love gave to me....
Controlling His Men - Granite County 2   http://www.bookstrand.com/controlling-his-men

Dean woke up from a drug-induced sleep to a nurse touching his forehead with a newfangled thermometer they now used to take a person’s temperature. He supposed he should be thankful they didn’t use rectal thermometers anymore.
Looking out the window of the hospital room, he saw it was dark outside. Things had been such a mixed-up, weird, foggy dream, he wasn’t sure what day it was. Vaguely, he remembered his brother Steve, with his partner Haley at his side, standing by the bed talking to him. He also thought he remembered a group of Native Americans coming into the room. But it was the wishful dream of a potential lost lover holding his hand that kept him sane through reliving the nightmares of torture.
“Welcome back. It’s good to see that you are finally with us.” The nurse at his side raised a spoon filled with chunks of ice and held it to his lips. Gratefully, Dean opened his mouth.
“Can you tell me your name?” the nurse asked.
“Dean Titan,” his voice croaked out. He opened his mouth, and the nurse thankfully gave him more cold refreshing ice.
“Very good, Mr. Titan. Can I get you anything?” she asked.
“Side hurts. Hard to breathe,” Dean whispered.

“You have a few broken ribs. The surgeons had to go in and fix them, and a few other things. Taking small, shallow breaths should help. You’re just about due for more pain medication,” she informed him. “I’ll be back with it shortly.”
Dean’s eyes watched her neon-yellow tennis shoes leave the room. Looking over at the small mobile lap table that could be pulled over his bed if he wasn’t so weak, Dean saw the cup of ice. What he wouldn’t do to be able to have some more of that.
Sudden movement on the other side of the bed had his body stiffening in fear. At first, Dean thought he must be hallucinating when pretty blond Job Nicolson got up from a chair by the wall and stepped up next to him.
Job reached over him and picked up the cup of ice. “Here, I bet you would like some more of this,” he said quietly.
Dean automatically opened his mouth when the spoon touched his lips. Cool, wet ice slid down his throat. Dean could have kissed him, if he wasn’t his ex-boyfriend, when Job gave him some more.
“See, I knew you would like this,” Job murmured and slid another spoonful between his lips.
Dean swallowed and asked, “Why are you talking so quietly?”
Job leaned down and put his lips near Dean’s ear. Dean tried to ignore how good he smelled. “Because Creed finally fell asleep and I don’t want to wake him.”
Dean now saw there was another bed on the other side of the darkened room, and Creed was in it. Looking back at his ex, Dean wasn’t sure what to ask first. He figured he must be more out-of-it than he thought to actually think Job and Creed were in the same room with him.
Job gently stroked the side of Dean’s head with his fingertips. “It’s okay. The nurse will be back soon with your meds. Just relax. Tomorrow, when you wake up, I’ll answer all your questions. Steve should be back by then, too. He’s been camped out here since they brought you in. I finally convinced him to go home and get some rest about an hour ago.”
Dean could feel his eyelids getting heavy, and Job’s fingers felt so good in his hair. But he needed to ask one question first.
“What are you doing here?”
Job carefully picked up Dean’s swollen hand and held it in both of his. “I’ve come to take care of you and Creed.”

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