Monday, November 23, 2015

What a weekend. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from Shadow's Pen (Rescue for Hire 10) release. Thank you readers.
This is a short work week for most in the United States with Thanksgiving on Thursday and Shopping Friday on Friday.
I will be writing. Flyer's story (Rescue for Hire West 4) has finally told me whats going on. I think this story is going to be exciting with a huge rescue. Flyer was whispering in my ear about it this morning.
A few other characters are talking. MD from Granite County is slowly revealing whats going on with him. Isaiah from Rescue for Hire West wants someone, but he will have to go up against Roman to keep him.
I have a Christmas story coming out. My holiday stories are going to feature characters you have met briefly in other stories, but aren't part of those series. They will be a bit longer then my usual stories, and so far a bit more heart wrenching. But the holiday spirit will prevail, making you feel the hope and joy of the holiday.
Have a wonderful week.

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