Monday, November 16, 2015

For a writer who spends many hours up in the north woods trying to create a story  that you enjoy, I am befuddled at the goings on currently in the writing world. And yet I'm not. I'm thinking this is the process the more knowledgeable were talking about.
Years ago, as in around 5 years ago, there weren't many MM writers. Also to have a book published most everyone had to go through a publishing company. Once people became technically savvy, many started their own publishing companies. And then people learned to publish there own books. And things exploded.
So now you have many people vying for a certain amount of readers.
The pressures to produce a fair amount of books in a timely manner (tell me about it) and produce well written, new stories is becoming huge.
I was told by someone who knows their stuff in the writing world that in the next year many of these writers will drop away, and for the ones that manage to stay in the game, it will be well worth it.
So in the last few months, big names have been accused of plagiarism. Now someone on social media is accusing two more well known authors of plagiarizing a series name. The problem with this accusation is that series titles can't be copyrighted. That is why there are a lot of same titles out there. Most title a book because it fits. This someone didn't get her facts right before she started spouting off. She also didn't think this through when she took on a pair upstanding, successful authors. Now it is more than likely she will have to find a lawyer, fast. Trying to drag these two threw the mud isn't going to end well, for her.
I believe these events are the pains of ebooks growing to fat and now the losing of the poundage has begun. A lot of stuff is probably going to happen. And me, I'm going to stay up in the north woods and continue to write the stories my characters are demanding. And maybe wear a helmet and learn to duck fast as all this upheaval is going on, until the dust settles.
So there is my opinion of the day. Upcoming posts will be of books out at Amazon and Siren. Fun stuff.

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