Wednesday, November 25, 2015

As promised I am sharing a snippet from Flyer's story. I should be submitting it this week, but that's not going to happen. This month had too much upheaval in it and the story is taking time.
In the scene Styx had just interviewed for the mechanic's position at Rescue for Hire West. Flyer was included in the interview, but had to go into the kitchen to get something to eat while Roman is going to show Styx the sheds and airplane hanger. Note: from other books we know Flyer has to eat often or he runs out of energy like a windup toy.

Styx Randall nodded and acknowledged everything Roman was saying as they toured the huge hacienda, but his mind was back in the kitchen where he had left one of the most intriguing men he had ever come across.
Flyer was a mixture of hot, athletic, handsome man, and yet he screamed vulnerability mixed with a deep searching need. Styx wondered if the man even realized that he was always moving, whether it was his leg bobbing or his body leaning forward, sideways, or almost vibrating off the chair.
“Let’s head outside, and I'll show you the barn, utility shed, and the hanger.” Roman gestured toward the front door.
Styx had found the open courtyard in the middle of the house beautiful with its lush green foliage and large sparkling pool. It was a place one could sit and relax. Now as they crossed the living room to the door, movement caught his attention. Styx held back a smile at the sight of Flyer leaning over sideways and watching him from the kitchen. The man better be careful. If he leaned any farther, he was going to fall right off that stool.
Once outside, Styx took a deep breath of the hot dry Nevada air. He wasn’t a fan of being indoors for long periods of time. His stint in the hospital had been a worse torture than losing most of his voice.

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