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I'm behind. I feel like I'm going nowhere fast. I will keep going and hopefully something will get done.
So, this month is ManLove Fantasies month. Come meet different authors and make a comment to try to win a new Kindle featuring all the books the authors were tempting you with.

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The summer may be over, but the heat is just beginning…
It’s that whimsical time of year again when the days grow shorter, the leaves are turning, and the fires are being lit. So why not make yourself comfy and spend your evenings snuggled up with some of the hottest MM romances around. Fall in love with the sexy men from some of your favorite Manlove writers. Join us daily to catch some amazing teasers, and for your chance to win some MM magic of your own.
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Myth & Legend
AVAILABLE: Thursday, October 8th
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Spencer Dawson is an artist. He's flighty, absentminded, and often lost in the clouds. He's also an incubus and in his world, that means he gets five mates to start his coven. Having found his first four consorts, Spencer's life gets turned upside down when he feels a bond to the one man who has the potential to destroy him.
Marcus Foster is the alpha of one of the largest wolf packs in the state. He's used to making the rules, having people jump to do his bidding, and having every order followed. He does not share. He especially doesn't plan on sharing Spencer once he discovers that the gorgeous little artist is his mate.
Convincing Spencer that he was fed a pack of lies by four humans bent on keeping him as a sex slave seems a lot less important when Spencer's life is in danger. Convincing Marcus that everything he thought he knew was a pack of lies becomes a whole lot easier when Spencer transforms into a creature straight out of myth and legend. Convincing those around them to accept their unconventional mating might cost them their lives.

Convincing Marcus Foster, one of the richest and most powerful alphas in the state to give up his entire life for one gorgeous little man wasn’t going to be easy. Especially since Spencer was so odd to the outside world.
He fainted at the sight of blood. If he wasn’t covered in paint or clay, he felt out of place. He forgot to eat if he wasn’t fed. Hell, reminding him to wear clothes was a constant battle. And he went days without sleeping when his muse struck him. And god forbid he didn’t get a cup of coffee in the morning. It was a nightmare of epic proportions.
Having a keeper was something Spencer needed just to function.
He was also the most loving, tender man Garret had ever encountered. Not once since the day they met had Spencer failed show his love and caring for Garret or any of the others. They all knew that they shared a part of Spencer’s heart, and they gladly shared just so that they could have a piece of the man.
Sharing Spencer was better than no Spencer at all.
Garret hurried to the window when he saw headlights pull into the drive. His heart sank when he saw a light browned haired man in hospital scrubs climb out of a red Jeep and hurry toward the house. He was waiting when the front door slammed open.
“Is he here yet?”
Garret shook his head and walked over to kiss the man. “No, bébé, not yet, but he should be here in a few minutes.”
Joe’s eyes quickly scanned the living room. “Where’s Philip?”
“He’s finishing things up at the gallery. He’ll be home soon.”
Joe rubbed his hand over his face. “God, I hate this shit. Philip should be here not at some stupid art gallery. Spencer is going to blow a gasket if Philip doesn’t get here in time.”
Joe was right. Spencer had a special soft spot for Philip. They all did. Philip didn’t have the dominating personality of Garret, Hayden, or even Joe. He was a neat freak, a tad OCD, and brainer than all of them put together.
And Spencer adored him.
Garret wrapped his arms around Joe, cupping his hand to the back of the man’s neck as he rested their foreheads together. “He’ll be here.”
“How do you do this, Garret?” Joe’s hazel eyes bored into Garret. “I’ve only been through Philip. You’ve been through all of us. How do you stand it?”
Garret smiled ruefully. He’d be lying if he said it hadn’t hurt each time Spencer found another to love. “Do you remember how he was after he found Philip and brought him home, after Philip accepted him? How happy he was?”
Spencer had glowed for weeks.
Joe swallowed hard. “Yeah.”
“That’s how I stand it.” Garret reached up and stroked his finger along the light stubble marring Joe’s face. “I may have been the first but that means I got see him each time he found one of you. I got to watch him love you, watch the light shine in him each time one of you loved him back. That’s what makes all of this worth it.”
Joe inhaled deeply then slowly let the breath out of his lungs. He chuckled softly when he was done. “I must seem like I’m a mess.”
Garret chuckled. “I imagine you are a mess. Philip joined the family only three months ago. We’re still getting used to having him here. Now, there’s someone else to worry about. And he’s a doozy.”
Joe frowned, leaning back. “Who?”
“Marcus Foster.”
Joe’s face instantly paled. “No!”
Garret nodded sadly. “I’m afraid so.”
“He’ll destroy Spencer.”
“We’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t.”
“How?” Joe stepped back even further. His fists clenched and his face darkened as anger filled his features. “Marcus Foster doesn’t care about anyone or anything. He’s a fucking monster.”
Garret felt his stomach clench with worry and strain. He wrapped his arms around his waist and shrugged, trying to make light of the situation or at least like he wasn’t that concerned when he was terrified.
“The best that we can, I suppose.”
“That’s not good enough, Garret. I can’t lose Spencer.” Joe’s lips pressed into a thin line his anguish darkening his hazel eyes. “None of us can.”
“We won’t, not even if we have to tie Marcus Foster down to Spencer’s bed until he submits.” Garret could feel himself growing angry. He closed his eyes for a moment and drew in several deep breathes. He had to maintain control. Joe needed that from him right now, needed him to be strong. “We’ll find a way. Besides, do you know anyone that can resist Spencer for more than two minutes?”

Philip stood there with his mouth hanging open, wondering what it would feel like to be taken like he was the last man on earth and someone had a serious case of blue balls. Spencer was fucking Hayden as though he needed to be balls deep in the man’s ass just to breath.
And that might not be too far from the truth. When Spencer went into heat every full moon, he needed sexual energy to sustain him, like a vampire needed blood. Without it, he would die and Philip would willingly give up his ass to prevent that from happening.
Philip was a little amazed at the force behind Spencer’s thrusts. He was plowing onto Hayden’s ass at an alarming rate, which was odd in itself. Normally, Spencer was a bottom, preferring to be taken rather than to take. And god, he was glorious as a bottom, his moans of pleasure leaving no doubt that he enjoyed being with each and every one of them.
Philip had fantasized his entire life of having someone like Spencer to love. He was kind and considerate of others, even strangers. Giving and caring of those he loved. He was so damn beautiful he made Philip’s teeth ache.
And the man had no gag reflex.
But this...Philip had been on the receiving end of Spencer’s heat a couple of times but even then, the man had been loving and caring, treating Philip like a treasured gem. The massive man driving his cock repeatedly into Hayden’s ass was clouded with lust.
“Makes you wish you were the one on your hands and knees, doesn’t it?”
Philip glanced over to Garret as the man walked over to stand next to him. His face became warm and he glanced away, his eyes going back to the two men on the bed. “Yes.” He could freely admit that even if it embarrassed him a bit. “It’s like he can’t get enough.”
“He can’t,” Garret said, “not when he’s like this.”
“Does he always the top when he’s like this?” Philip was mesmerized by the flexing muscles in Spencer’s ass as the man pounded into Hayden. “Have you ever taken him in this form?”
“No.” When Philip looked at Garret again, the man was staring at Spencer.
Philip could see a glint of interest in his eyes. “You’re thinking about it, aren’t you?”
“I am now.” Garret’s deep blue eyes rounded. “Could you imagine having all that power beneath you?”
“I’d rather find out what it feels like than continue to imagine it.” With more bravery than he thought he’d ever have, Philip grabbed the bottle of lube he had dropped earlier and headed for the large bed in the middle of the room.
Philip wasn’t exactly sure what had come over him. He wasn’t usually a take charge type of guy. But the thought of sinking his cock into Spencer’s tight ass when he was in this larger more aggressive form just about blew his mind.
Philip quickly stripped his clothes off, tossing them down on the floor. For once, he didn’t care where they landed. He was too intent on getting to his prize. He climbed onto the mattress and scooted up behind Spencer. He popped the cap on the lube and poured some out onto his fingers. When he slid his slick fingers between Spencer’s ass cheeks, the man growled, his head snapping around.
Philip stilled. Spencer’s usual sparkling green eyes were like dark shards of emerald colored glass. The stare was intense, making the hairs on the back of Philip’s neck stand on end. When Spencer’s eyes dropped to the bottle of lube in his hand, Philip swallowed the sudden fear that filled him, positive he was about to have his head handed to him.
Shock rendered him speechless when Spencer simply turned back around and spread his legs and then went back to fucking Hayden. Taking it as a sign—or an invitation—Philip slid his fingers back between Spencer’s butt cheeks and stroked the man’s tight hole.



[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, public exhibition, HEA]

Trent and Kalib have known for some time they are mates.  However, they can't seem to stop arguing long enough to make it official. Maybe the rules of mating the others have set for them can help them make it work. A Canadian vacation is suggested to help Trent and Kalib find the time to talk and maybe figure out if they are really meant to be. 

An attack on the Canadian Mystic agents interferes with their alone time.  A few agents are hurt and another man, Keith, is injured and almost dies. Needing answers, Trent uses the infatuation Keith seems to have for him in order to gain information about the Eliminators and the part the Council may be playing in the attacks. 

What will happen when Keith finds out that the only man for Trent is in the other room?


Kalib sat in the passenger seat as Trent drove them towards Canada, as Ryker and Max followed them from the other SUV.

The idea was that Ryker and Max would go the two hours to New York, and then two of the Canadian crew would meet up with them and take them the rest of the way. This way if any Nefarious were around, they would have a fighting chance of getting past them.

Kalib couldn’t believe that he was finally getting the chance to be alone with his mate. He would be lying if he didn’t say he wasn’t a bit nervous. Talking with his mate didn’t usually end well for them.

“So do you have everything you need for your new lab?” Kalib asked.

Nodding, Trent said, “Yeah, I think so.”

“What are you going to work on first?” Kalib asked as he turned to look at Trent.

Turning onto the highway, Trent said, “I was thinking of trying to help prevent pregnancy. you know, like a birth control for men. This way if a mated couple does not want to have kids right away, they don’t have to.”

“That pregnancy thing is still a shock. What did Bram say about telling the other MYSTIC guys? Are we supposed to mention it at all?” Kalib asked.

Trent scooted back a bit in his seat as he took on a more relaxed stance, “He said that we need to get with a guy named Jeffries.”

“Sean Jeffries, he is the Director of the Canada branch of MYSTIC.” Kalib said matter-of -factly.

Trent looked as a car passed and then faced front once more, “I guess. He just said that we are to get with Jeffries, and we can tell him about mates and pregnancy, but we are not to say a word about Matt or Quade being pregnant.”

With light laughter Kalib said, “He is very protective of the mates.”

“Well I have to tell you, if it was you, I wouldn’t want anyone knowing either.” Trent said sternly.

Kalib turned to Trent, “Oh? And why am I the one that is going to have the child? Why not you?”

Trent’s eyes went wide as he gasped and looked at Kalib, “What? Kalib, I have never bottomed in my life!”

The heavy lashes that shadowed Kalib’s cheeks flew up. He didn’t think, that at six foot five inches tall, spiky short blond hair, and military look, Trent had bottomed often, but to think that the man never had was just surprising. However, thinking that just because Kalib was only five-eleven, with his blond wavy hair, and much smaller bone structure meant he would never be able to top, just didn’t sit well with Kalib at all.

“Why do you look so surprised?” Trent asked.

Kalib’s temper flared, “You have got to be kidding me! Why am I surprised? Well I don’t know Trent, I thought that mates were equal in everything, in the relationship and you just spoke to me as if I was the ‘girl’ of ours!”

“What the hell are you talking about Kalib? All I said was that I had never bottomed before.” Trent argued just as loud.

Kalib snapped back, “I just have no idea what the hell fate was thinking when they put us together as mates! We have absolutely nothing in common!”

The car swerved sharply to the right as Trent pulled into a rest area and slammed on the brakes. Jerking the door open he immediately got out and walked towards the bathrooms.

Kalib sat there until a sharp rapping startled him. Looking up he saw Ryker standing next to the door with a look of concern on his face.

Opening the door Kalib got out of the car and looked at the bench farther to the right and began walking to it.

Ryker followed Kalib and sat a water bottle in front of him as he said, “You want to talk about it?”

Kalib didn’t know that tears were running down his cheeks until he went to rub his face. Sniffling, Kalib said, “Ryker, what am I going to do? We can’t be together more than ten minutes without fighting.”

Ryker played with the paper on his bottle as he sighed, “Kalib, you two just need to learn to talk to each other, but more importantly you need to learn to listen to each other.”

Sniffing, Kalib said, “I do listen. He just makes no sense to me at all. He doesn’t understand why I got so upset because he came to MYSTIC.”

Snorting, Ryker said, “Hell, none of us understand why you got so upset.”

Kalib opened the water bottle and took a sip, then said, “I wasn’t upset that he came to MYSTIC. I was afraid. We have all this shit going on and the thought that Trent is now in the middle of it, scares me.”

Nodding in understanding Ryker said, “I can understand that, but I don’t think that was the entire reason either.”

Sighing, Kalib said, “No it wasn’t. He didn’t sit with me and talk out the pros and cons. First he says he is going to join and then he changed his mind and then he changed it back. He made the entire decision on his own. I just thought that mates...”

Kalib stopped talking and looked away and Ryker finished his sentence, “You just thought that mates meant that you did everything together.”

Nodding, Kalib swallowed the dry lump in his throat, “I want what you and Quinn have so bad Ryker. I just don’t see it happening with Trent and I.” 


Kalib laughed and then winked as he placed his hand over Trent’s hard cock and squeezed, “I can show you something else that would be fun to do on this road.”

Trent gave Kalib a perturbed look. “You know you’re playing with fire, right?”

“Maybe so, but I don’t tease,” Kalib said as he unzipped Trent’s pants and pushed his hand down the man’s boxer briefs.

Trent raised his hips as he gasped. “Wh–what are you doing?”

Kalib unfastened his seat belt and lowered his salivating mouth to Trent’s hard, weeping cock. Stroking Trent’s manhood up and down, Kalib said in a hushed tone, “JP said that when we got on the bumpy ride it was another twenty minutes to the house, in case I wanted to finish what was started earlier.”

Trent lifted his hips when Kalib pulled on his pants and then must have pushed the seat lever to push him back a bit further.

There was no holding back the moan as Kalib’s warm, moist mouth encased Trent’s hard shaft and slid to the base in one move. “Uhh… Oh damn!”

Kalib hummed and made Trent’s balls vibrate, causing Trent to hiss his pleasure as Kalib took his balls in hand to roll them around softly. “Oh yeah…I like having my balls played with.”

Kalib squeezed softly and continued the up-and-down ministrations, making Trent throw his head back and begin to pant.

Trent could feel he was getting close and was about to say something, when Kalib’s mouth popped off his painfully hard shaft, causing Trent to snarl. “What the fuck, Kalib, I was about to…”

Kalib placed a finger on Trent’s mouth as he smiled wickedly and said, “This is my blow job for you, now push your ass a bit closer to the edge of the seat.”

Trent did as he was instructed, and Kalib immediately placed the warm moist heat of his mouth back on the tip of his cock. A large rut was in the road, and Trent hit it, causing the SUV to bounce up and push Kalib’s mouth to the base and stroke back up when it hit another bump.

Trent hissed and Kalib smiled around Trent’s shaft as he mumbled, “Told you.”

“Yeah,” Trent panted. “Yeah you did. Damn your mouth feels so good.”

Kalib removed his hand from Trent’s balls and placed a finger to Trent’s mouth, lifting his mouth only long enough to murmur, “Wet it, please.”

Trent opened his mouth, and Kalib moaned his own pleasure as Trent suckled that finger. When it was wet to Kalib’s satisfaction, he removed the digit and Trent about wrecked the vehicle when it was quickly placed to his hole and pushed in.

“Kalib!” Trent screamed as he got the vehicle under control for the moment.

Kalib began to slowly move his finger in and out of Trent’s hole as he increased the suction and movements.

Kalib’s head moved with the bouncing of the SUV and Trent was about to lose it. “Kalib… Please! I need…I need…”

Kalib pushed his finger all the way in as Trent lifted slightly. When Kalib crooked his finger and hit his prostate, Trent felt his orgasm slam into him and out of his cock. His seed shot down his mate’s throat and Trent had to do everything in his power to keep the SUV from slamming into the tree.

Kalib continued to suck and lick the seed from Trent’s spent dick and Trent was gasping for air as a large cabin came into view.

Kalib sat up and wiped some of his mate’s essence that remained on the corner of his mouth and licked his finger. “Mmm…you taste as good as I thought you would.”

Trent stopped the vehicle behind the one he had been following and laying his head back he let out a deep breath. “Holy shit!”

Kalib snickered as he said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Not the blow job… Well I did enjoy that, too, but I’m talking about their place,” Trent said in awe.

Kalib looked forward for the first time and gasped. The house was made out of all logs except for the rock base it sat on. The building was a good four stories high, and if they took about five of their houses and set them side by side, it might come close to the length of this one. “Fuck! I’m going to need a map just to find my way to the kitchen.”

“Tell me about it. Damn, look at that fountain,” Trent said softly as he just sat there staring.

Kalib looked to where Trent indicated. A large round island sat in front of the house with plants, rocks, and a waterfall flowing. It was absolutely beautiful.

Seeing JP getting out of the car, Kalib smacked Trent’s arm to get his mate’s attention. “You need to cover up before the guys figure out what we were doing.”

Trent laughed as he lifted his hips and fixed his pants. “Kalib, JP was looking out the window from the moment we turned onto the road. Hell if I’m not mistaken, Xavior handed the man money.”

Kalib’s jaw dropped. “Are you saying they bet on whether or not I would give you a blow job?”

Trent laughed as Kalib grabbed the handle and opened the door. Getting out, Kalib looked at a very happy JP and snapped, “Did you bet on whether Trent and I would have sexual relations?”

JP smiled wide as he said, “If you mean whether or not you were going to give your sexy doctor head or not, of course I did. Why do you think I told you how long you had when we turned?”


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