Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday has arrived.
For me its turned into a busy day. Mr. Bellann has informed me we are taking off for a few days to go camping. So I've spent the day packing up the camper.
On the book front, I sent the cover questionnaire back to Siren Publishing for The Keeper of the House Finds his Wee One. (Rescue for Hire West 3). I'm also hard at work on Rescue for Hire 10. So far I'm enjoying these characters to the point that I can't wait to start writing about them each day.
Little by little my Christmas story is shaping up. Pretty soon I will have to put all my concentration on it to get it done by the deadline.
And of course there are a couple of other things in the works.
Now to update the blog.
Have a wonderful day and I will try to check in towards the end of the week.

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