Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day to my U.S.A. readers. Its the last day of a long holiday weekend. For most, this is the unofficial last weekend of summer. I just glanced out the window and its starting to rain.
I'm going through Book 2 of Rescue for Hire West - The Keeper of the House Finds His Wee One, one last time. Then it will be ready to send back to Siren so its ready for you to read by Saturday.
At the beginning of the year I mapped out what books I would be working on. Yep that list went right out the window within two months. Even now my plans change at the drop of a hat. I thought I would be working on Book 4 of Rescue for Hire West or Granite County 5. Nope, I'm working on Rescue for Hire 10. The story is demanding my attention.
Well, I better get to work. Everyone have a wonderful day and may this week be a good one for you.

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