Monday, September 21, 2015

Good Morning Monday!
Boy that was a heck of a lot more chipper than I'm feeling. But we must go on. Its the start of a workweek and things need to get done.
My goal is to get two projects finish. Shadow's Pen is a Rescue for Hire story. In fact its # 10 in the series. Who would have thought. I had originally decided to end it at #5. Shadow is dark and dangerous. Pen isn't my typical tiny twink. He couldn't be or Shadow would break him. Pen is just your average size man taking on tall and wild.
My other project you ask? Sorry, that is a secret I cannot tell. Yes, it is fun teasing you. I will just say, all will be told in time.
Next I need to put the Christmas music on and finish the Christmas story I've started. Get your wedding duds on, this is going to be a biggy.
Then on I go with Rescue for Hire West. At this moment (you never know if I'll change my mind) but at this moment Flyer's story is wanting in on the action. This hyper, always eating, funny (at least on the outside), man has a tale to tell.
So, I'm off, to blow my nose. I am fighting a terrible cold. But the tissues, warm tea, and I will prevail.
Have a wonderful week.

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