Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday is here, the day most in the working world looks forward to. I like Fridays even if I write seven days a week. I like Sunday's more because its pizza night and I don't have to cook.
For the first time this week, last night I was able to sleep all night. I found some wonderful medicine that calmed down the squeaking in the lungs. Darn cold, I can't wait until it's gone.
For the last couple of weeks I've been working on Rescue for Hire 10. This is Shadow's and Pen's story. I have to say I am enjoying this story. For once this isn't a huge man, small man story. It couldn't be. Shadow would have broke Pen the first night they were together. Pen is more of an average size man, with an ass Shadow is obsessed with.
Anyway, for some reason when I write a Rescue for Hire book, its like coming home. I have a lot of spin off series. I had to as those characters weren't members of the team.
This story makes me smile. Shadow is quiet, seems laid-back. When he speaks, its in one sentence. Pen on the other hand always has questions, opinions, and is a bit temperamental. And Shadow finds it amusing and adorable.
So onward and upward. Its time to get back to writing. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Waiting on Garrett's story with bated breath!!! And now you teasing me with Shadow!!! Be still my heart!