Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello Monday. Yes, its that day.

In a couple of weeks my new series, Rescue for Hire West will be released. I am still in awe at the popularity of the original Rescue for Hire. For that, I thank you.
The inspiration for Rescue for Hire West came from a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend my brother's wedding. Believe me, the first time I walked on Fremont Street, my eyes almost bugged out. I became obsessed with the man who on the first day was covered in gold paint and the days after that was covered in silver paint and stood as still as a statue. I had to give him a story. Maybe someday I will give him a full story.
 Back to Rescue for Hire West. Roman and Jimmy. Roman is big and likes to thinks his way is the only way. Jimmy isn't mouthy, but has a wild temper. These two are so much fun.
Now, I use pictures I find on the internet for inspiration. I tend to be a visual person and if I see who I'm writing about, it helps describing them.
So, here are the images that helped me see my guys.
He was my Roman.
This was my Jimmy.

Have a great week.

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